Check list for a night out


These are our tips for your preparation before a night out:


  1. Take a shower. If you took one in the morning, take another one! And wear deodorant and perfume. There is nothing sexiest than dance with someone who smells great!
  2. Dress to impress! Always wear the right clothes or you take the risk to not getting into clubs for wearing the wrong shoes.
  3. Charge your cell phone. For sure you want to takes some photos of you having fun.
  4. Make sure you have cash. at least for your cover/open bar and a taxi for return.
  5. Eat something. You will be drinking alcohol so it´s better you have something in your stomach.


Do you have an extra tip for us? Share your basics before a night out.

Calvin Harris: the richest DJ alive

An 80 million dollars pretty smile

Celebrity Networth has published the list of the richest DJs in the world and the first place belongs to the gorgeous and talented Calvin Harris. Only the last year this Scottish won $80 million dollars for live shows, CDs, singles, mixes and collaborations with other artist.

I guess in this amount is already included the check he earned like model for Armani underwear.

Definitely I wanna be a DJ!

Steve Aoki cake The City Cancun

The tradition says the things you do on January 1st will define your whole year… mine will be full of party because I started the New Year in the glamorous party of Mandala Playa del Carmen and then on the night of January 1st I was in The City nightclub dancing to the rhythm of Steve Aoki’s beats.

Steve Aoki sense of humor is famous! At 1:30 am he opened his show with Titanic theme song accompanied by a mockery video.


The beats start to synchronize with our hearts as we were jumping and dancing the night away.

I read somewhere that Aoki would reserve his famous launching cake only for the best audiences… I was curious to know if the partyholics in Cancun would get the privilege to say: Steve Aoki Cake me! You know that Cancun’s nightlife is wild and we received like 20 cakes from the top level DJ.

Even though the nightclub wasn’t full to burst –The City can host 7000 people-, it was a big crowd of party animals who danced till 3:30 am when Steve Aoki stopped to spin the console. My favorite moment was when he plays the song ‘el sonidito’.

After Steve left the scenario, I went to Mandala Beach Club after party where I drank my last piña colada and then went home with my tired feet and my happy partyholic heart.

That’s how I started 2016 and yes, I am ready to rock the rest of it… Are you?