Partyholic Guide: NYE Celebrations in Cancun

If you are coming to Cancun for New Years and you do not know yet what your best options are, don’t worry because now you can have privileged info about the top NYE celebrations in Cancun directly from the expert: me!


Read the following steps to choose the right NYE party for you:


  1. Open bar or bottle service?

The first thing to define is what kind of service you prefer. These are your options:

  • An Open Bar ticket, which is an accessible option and gives you general access to the club, but you must request your drinks directly from the bar (premium or canned drinks are not included). I recommend you to stay close to the bar if you go for this option on NYE.
  • The alternative is Bottle Service, which means you get a table, free covers and a waiter who will bring your drinks right to your table. It’s the clubbing VIP experience and of course the price is higher. If you want to toast with your favorite brand of liquor, this is the best choice for you.

 PARTYHOLIC TIP: For this year, if you book the open bar option for Mandala or Palazzo, you get a pre-party at La Vaquita and access to the after party at Mandala Beach completely FREE!



  1. The Nightclub

Once that you have chosen the service, it is time to select the proper venue. I hope these highlights help you choose:

  • MANDALA – An iconic NYE party in Cancun! Gold decoration, champagne showers and people dancing until the morning to the rhythm of EDM and top 40.
  • PALAZZO – EDM playing the whole night! Here the dance floor is never empty and the ambiance is very sophisticated.
  • LA VAQUITA – If you like hip hop music, as well as a casual and irreverent ambiance, this is your place! A lot of party favors will dress up La Vaquita’s NYE Party.
  • DADY’O – The decoration here is always stunning, the music and champagne are also a NYE basics. And the main difference to other nightclubs is that at Dady’O you can enjoy a buffet dinner.
  • MANDALA BEACH – This is a must! It doesn´t matter which main party you will be in, after that party you must go to MB (Mandala Beach) to wait for the sunrise.

As a greedy partyholic, instead of choosing one party I am going to do the NYE Madness Tour, to toast and celebrate in all these venues where I spent more time than any other place during this 2016.


  1. Reserve in advance

Now that you know where and how are you going to party this NYE 2017 in Cancun, it’s time to close the deal. The reasons why I recommend for you to book in advance are:

#1 – You guarantee your place. Remember that Cancun is very crowded in December and it exists a possibility that your favorite party will be sold out before you arrive.

#2 – You get a better price. You know how you book your flights/hotel with anticipation to get a better rate? Well, it’s the  same with the nightclubs. Even better you can get exclusive discounts by using the coupons indicated in each product.


  1. Let’s Celebrate!

Finally on NYE all you need to do is to dress up like a star. Keep in mind that every New Year is a chance to start fresh. So make sure that this new chapter starts with you looking amazing and with a glass of champagne in your hand!


Now you have all the info I use to advise my friends about the celebrations at Cancun’s Party Center–and hope it will be useful for you-, the only thing missing is to wish you a very very very happy New Year 2017!


Blog by @CarMarban

My 12 New Year’s Resolutions

Año Nuevo en Cancun

Hi everybody! Today I would like to tell you about the tradition of the 12 grapes, which we celebrate in Cancun and probably in many places around the world every NYE.

This tradition has its origins in Spain and was then extended to other countries in Latin America. But how does it work? Well, you must eat 1 grape at each ring of the bell, so at the end of the 12 chimes you will have eaten all 12 grapes. However, the interesting part is that with each grape you can make a wish, which will be granted during the New Year.

As I am a prepared girl, I already have a list with my 12 wishes and want to share it with you in case that you need some ideas:


  1. Everybody dreams of traveling around the world, but a little trip to Dubai is enough for me, as long as it includes a visit to the amazing ‘Palmera Jumeirah’ (the famous palm-shaped island) and a shopping day at the ‘Dubai Mall’. I’m almost sure I could find a new boyfriend!
  2. Like every true fashionista I wish to have a lot of money to spend on clothes.
  3. I wish to be in the first row at a Maroon 5 concert with VIP access and maybe a meet & greet with Adam “love of my life” Levine.
  4. This is an addition to my last wish. I would prefer for Maroon 5’s concert to take place at my favorite spot: Mandala Beach Cancun and only I will get the VIP ticket with backstage access. Do you think he will fall in love once he sees this sexy, brunette partyholic or should I keep asking for the same thing with my last 8 wishes?
  5. My fifth wish is to have grey eyes. I know it is silly, but I love this eye color, it suits me and the tradition just mentioned “12 wishes”, it never mentioned anything about restrictions.
  6. I want a hot body –like JLO- but without the gym sessions or the diets or the plastic surgeries. My plan, once I have that spectacular booty, is to wear a really tiny bikini on the beach.
  7. Eat pizza/hamburgers/tacos or junk food every single day and never get fat or lose my new JLO body.
  8. Approve all my classes at college with A+ (this year I had problems with math –Oh, I really, really hate math!).
  9. As my semester is already over and I can’t change my grades, I wish my parents won’t kill me because of this. I am too young to die, so I will hide my report card until after NYE.
  10. I want to be the president of the world! With me in power the war and famine will be over!
  11. One thing I really want with all my heart this year is to party even more and even harder with the Partyholic Team!
  12. Finally, I want my math teacher’s heart to melt and to have him let me pass so I will finally be able to graduate college!


This are my wish list and resolutions for next year 2017. Do you have yours? Don’t forget to buy grapes for NYE and start practicing to swallow 12 grapes in 12 seconds, it sounds easy but it isn’t!

Happy New Year!

Blog by @yaqueline_mtz

The last 5 NYE in Mandala Cancun

December is finally here! I am so excited because I just realized that I am so blessed to earn money just for being a partyholic and to write about my crazy nights in Cancun and Playa del Carmen and I am also happy, because starting next year I will be reporting my adventures from Puerto Vallarta as well!


But as this year is flying away, I feel a little nostalgic about the time I’ve spend in Cancun. For many of you –our readers-, Cancun is your destination for Xmas vacation, but for the locals, December is a very busy season and that means there is no vacation for us. However, working Xmas night and NYE is not that bad if you are a partyholic, actually it is a PLEASURE! So, today I am going to remember and tell you all about my last NYE celebrations in Cancun. Are you ready to travel to the past?




Let’s begin with 2013!

That was the year when we survived the Mayan prophecy of the end of the World, do you remember that? Well, as we overcame that year, Mandala Cancun decided to celebrate the New Year 2013 with an “Endless Party”! I can remember that at 7 am the nightclub was still crowded  and nobody wanted to leave. That New Year´s party was amazing and literally endless!


2014 the year of Black & Gold

To receive the year 2014 at Mandala there was only one condition: you had to wear a black or gold outfit! Almost all male party lovers came to this party wearing black; the ladies choices were a little more risky and you could see everything from LBD (little black dresses) to golden sequin gala dresses. My memory of that year is that I had to leave the party early due to a big failure with my black dress. (I may or may not be the girl who showed her boobs that night, you’ll never know!)


20´s ball to celebrate the 2015

The beginning of the year 2015 at Mandala Cancun was celebrated Gatsby style. The champagne ran for all the tables and everybody toasted for the New Year. There was no clothes´ color restriction for this party, but everybody looked stunning (the staff wore glamorous tuxedos/dresses). It was a high level party!


 The golden 2016

Last year Mandala choose their insignia color and organize a fantastic New Year’s Party in Cancun. The name of the party “Stay Gold” was perfect for a night full of good music, party favors, champagne and beautiful people from around the world. This was the first year I left Mandala before sunrise, my reason: being the Mandala Beach Club After Party. It was fabulous to see the first light of the year from the pool at Mandala Beach, and surely this is the place where I’ll be awaiting the arrival of the first day of 2017.


Waiting for NYE 2017!

All I know about this Mandala’s NYE  is that  the name of the party includes the words “Champagne Showers”! I don’t need more information about Mandala Cancun NYE Party 2017 as I already know that I´ll be there  toasting with THE partyholics. Then at 2 or 3 AM I´ll move from Mandala to the Mandala Beach After Party to take an amazing picture of the first sunrise of the year. So keep checking my snapchat account “The Partyholic”.



Share your plans for NYE with us. And if you are going to be in Cancun, come say hello to this partyholic at Mandala!


By @CarMarban