Grupo Mandala enjoys giving smiles in Cancun!

You may be surprised to know that our -non official- job as partyholics, is to participate in special events organized by Grupo Mandala. Yes, we love exclusive parties and concerts, but we also love the social work that our company does!

It is an unwritten rule of the house that all the donations and charities done by Grupo Mandala should not be used to promote our brands, but as a resident of Cancun and a woman concerned about my health, I would like to share with you what happened at Mandala Beach Club last Saturday.

On May 13th, the foundation “DAR Sonrisas” arrived at the beach club at 9 am to give a Press Conference promoting the 3rd Race “Live for boobs”. No people, this is not a sassy party, but a real race of 2, 5 and  10 km organized by the foundation to obtain resources to help local women and kids who are fighting against cancer.

Press conference at Mandala Beach

We have written advice about how to flirt at the nightclubs, what to wear on a night out, bachelorette’s tips… But this is the best advice that we will ever give you:

“Please explore your breasts. Breast cancer is not a fatal disease if it is detected early.”

After the conference there was a free zumba lesson, because physical activity reduces the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. We -the team of partyholics- participated with enthusiasm, but the awful truth is that we are not very athleti, so we sweated blood!

Grupo Mandala nightclubs in cancun

Like Martin Luther King said: “If I help one person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain.” And because lending the beach club facilities just  didn’t seem to be enough, Grupo Mandala and Mandala Beach’s management agreed to donate 10% of the total consumptions of people visiting the beach club that weekend, who mentioned “I am friend of DAR Sonrisas”.


To sum it up, we are very happy to be partyholics, but  we are also very proud of being a team member of Grupo Mandala, a company committed to our community.

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A Paradise called: Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta has everything you are looking for in a trip to the beach: beautiful beaches, all-inclusive hotels, hundreds of restaurants –so even the most hard to please diners will have a delicious meal-, water activities and of course, Vallarta’s nightlife is one of its outstanding attractions!


This lovely destination has cobbled streets, houses with brick ceilings and stunning golden sunsets. The top things you must do in Puerto Vallarta are:


Diving in Bahía Banderas

bahia banderas
One of the reasons to travel to the beach is to swim in the ocean, isn’t it? Well, one of the biggest bays in Mexico is located close to Puerto Vallarta: Bahía Banderas. Divers love this zone, because of its bountiful fauna; During Winter this area is refuge for the humpback whales, which come for reproduction and breeding purposes.

Walk along the boardwalk

If you visit Vallarta, but don’t walk the boardwalk you’re missing out on getting to know the heart and spirit of this city. You don’t need to walk the 1.5 km of this boardwalk, which is full of restaurants and bars on one side and sculptures and palm trees on the other with the ocean as a background.


Party in Mandala

Vallarta - Mandala-95
If you think that you have already experienced the craziest night of your life, please give a chance to Mandala Vallarta to prove you wrong! This is definitely the hottest spot in town… young people let themselves be seduced by the music, drinks and ambiance of this scenic nightclub, famous for its Asian decoration and sweeping nights!


Buy a Mexican souvenir from an art gallery

de compras en PVR
It’s a little sad to recognize, but we Mexicans do not always appreciate the incredible work of our handicraftsman. In any local art gallery in Vallarta you will be able to find amazing souvenirs, such as handmade clothes and shoes, as well as seed and mineral jewelry of excellent quality, which can be yours at a great price! Take a little piece of Vallarta -and Mexico- directly to your home.


Taste a delicious “pregnant fish”

restaurants in vallarta
This is not a real pregnant fish, it is a linguistic deformation for ‘pescado en vara asado’ (fish on a rod roasted with lime and a local sauce), which in Spanish is pronounced exactly the same as ‘pescado embarazado’ (pregnant fish).

You may not be in love with Vallarta yet… but once you experience all the things on the list above, you will keep this Mexican destination forever in your heart… Yes, paradise exist and it is called: Puerto Vallarta.

Where to eat after partying hard at the party center

Hello readers, today I want to give you some advice regarding where to eat after you partied in Cancun!
Because after a great night dancing and drinking Martinis or ‘Perlas Negras’ the hunger will be present, as if you had never eaten before. So, to battle this fierce hunger the following places might help


1. If your party night was at Mandala, La Vaquita, Dady’O or Mandala Beach I’m sure that a ‘Hot dog’ would be ideal for you. In between the streets fast food stalls are set up, where you can buy hot dogs or hamburgers (and they are very cheap).


Hot dogs


2. Another option is pizza! There are many street vendors outsite of the night clubs in Cancun, ready to calm your hunger.


Slice of pepperoni pizza being removed from whole pizza with tomatoes in background. Isolated on black background.


3. But, if you prefer some place to sit down and eat calmly, don’t worry, because McDonalds is behind of Dady’O and is open 24 hrs a day.




4. In the corridor that takes you to party center you can find ‘3 Marias’, which is a great place to eat Mexican Food.  Here you can find tortas, tacos, burritos and they are truly delicious.





Now you know where to go to satisfy your hunger after a great night full of party and fun!

The hottest bodies around the world

Beautiful, young, rich and famous people with the hottest bodies around the world in one list created especially for you.

It’s time to pamper our readers with a small list of beautiful and famous girls. We are sure you will enjoy it!


#5 Jennifer Lopez
I can’t lie, she has an outstanding body! Being 47 years old JLo has the body most girls would wish for.


#4 Kim Kardashian
The 36 year old is considered one of the most beautiful women. And it is obvious, just look at her huge butt!




#3 Jelena Noura Hadid (Gigi Hadid)
When she was 2 years old she began her career as a model and now at 22 years old thanks to her hot body she managed to conquer the handsome Zayn Malik.


Gigi Hadid


#2 And as we all know Scarlett Johansson is absolutely worth mentioning on this list.
Actress, model and singer, this New Yorker is considered one of the modern sex symbols of Hollywood. This 32 year old has become the dream of all men!




#1 Megan Fox.
It’s not strange to see this beautiful woman as the number one on my list, because she is also considered a sex symbol! But you’d be surprised to know that when she was a girl, according to the actress – she was not pretty- anyway she is the number one on my list… And to tell you a secret, my dream is to be like her someday.


megan fox


I hope that you enjoyed my list of top 5 women with the hottest bodies around the world.