Summer Love

Do you have your luggage ready for an incredible summer? For summer vacation, it is not only necessary to pack that mini bikini, which will allow you to show off your hot body and to get the perfect tan on the best beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, or that cute dress to go out and have fun at the best nightclubs. No partyholics, it is also important to leave a small space in the suitcase to bring back some memories of that summer love you will live and which will make you sigh every autumn while you repeat the fabulous moments you lived in your head.

Pareja al sol

Of course a summer on the beach brings together all elements for flirt: sea, sand, sunny days and warm nights. During the holidays, our emotions are skin-deep and we are in a mood of relaxation and eager to have fun. We project the correct image that with a smile we fall in love with that girl or boy with pretty eyes, we will talk for a while and agree to meet at night at one of Cancun’s nightclubs located in the hotel zone.

Amor pies

The love at first sight may begin during day at Mandala Beach Club, but no doubt summer romance begins at night, while dancing to the hits of the moment at Palazzo, Mandala or The City. It is difficult to resist a few kisses when the atmosphere, music and cocktails are great. Has this happened to you? I have to confess that I’m guilty and almost addicted to the summer loves.

How long does a summer love last? Well, you must be aware that these relationships come with an expiration date – when holidays end – but the good memories will last forever.

arena corazones

If there is a bad thing to say with regards to this, it is that goodbyes are not always easy, especially when this adventure was turning into something more. And even if there are stories of success for the summer love, most will only leave you with a good taste in the mouth and will make us smile when we remember our beach adventures.

So don’t worry about it and try to enjoy to the fullest, and if you are one of those eternal lovers and coming to the beach, make sure to stop by Cancun´s Nightclubs; I’m sure you will find your next summer love.

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The 3 best songs for this summer in the Caribbean

S U M M E R is here! Undoubtedly, Summer is the most funny season of the year thanks to its enjoyable sunny beach days and lots of partying.

And as we are ready to celebrate the longest nights of the year, I bring you the 3 songs that you will listen at the top nightclubs in Cancun and beach parties.


  1. ‘Despacito’ – Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito, nos vamos pegando poquito a poquito’, surely you already heard this song, right? It is certainly THE success of this 2017 and although it was released since the beginning of the year, it has remained in the #1 position in the charts around the world.

How is that ‘Despacito‘ become a huge musical success? Well, when two different genres like urban music and pop come together, they manage to push the melody, the rhythm, the emotions and the lyric to the limit.

Both, the original version and the Remix (with Justin Bieber) have arrived to stay. Enjoy its seductive rhythm and unleash your body every time you dance this song because undoubtedly you’ll hear everywhere this Summer.



  1. ‘I´m The One’ – DJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber

Another hit of the year is: ‘I’m The One’, the new song by DJ Khaled in collaboration with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne. With all this talent involved, it is not uncommon this song catches you practically from the first beat.

Did you know that ‘I’m the one’ is already trending topic in social networks? For sure is because it not only brings together the best talent but is so sticky that you keep it in your mind the whole day.

Although the most hip hop disco is La Vaquita Cancun, there’s no doubt that all the famous dance clubs like Mandala and Palazzo will have it in their playlist.


  1. ‘Shape of you’– Ed Sheeran

This year, ‘Shape of you’ is the most listened song around the world with more than 54 million reproductions and all those that are missing, because I bet you’re going to dance this song in the clubs of Cancun.

The sound and the voice of Ed make a great catchy and fresh song, perfect to flavor your summer.


Learn these 3 songs and come to the nightclubs in Cancun ready to dance!


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The perfect Party Pack for Party Lovers

When you come to Cancun it is mandatory to visit all the beautiful places it offers, however it is just as important to get to know Cancun´s Nightlife. Because everybody knows who did not party while in Cancun, never knew it completely. So if you are planning your vacation to Cancun don’t forget to plan at least 3 crazy party nights. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

To encourage you I will tell you about the incredible parties you will experience if you follow my advice.


Mandala beach concurso

Mandala Beach Pool Party Night: This is the hottest Pool Party in Cancun. Here it doesn’t matter if it is day or night, you will always have the perfect excuse to use a bikini.


the city

The City Cancun: This Club is the biggest club in Latin America and has hosted several international DJs such as Marshmello, DJ Snake and Steve Aoki, among others. There is a reason why it is all visitors’ favorite.



La Vaquita Cancun: The best part about La Vaquita? There are no rules here. Never worry about your drink, because the waiters will make sure you always have your full liter in hand.



Palazzo Cancun: The most glamorous club in Cancun, a night in Palazzo is guarantee for a night full of good memories.



Dady’O: Nightlife icon and favorite of all residents. Here everything is a good reason to celebrate with your friends to the rhythm of the TOP 40 music.



Mandala: Its oriental decoration will transport you to another level. The good thing about Mandala is that it opens every day and always has the best atmosphere to spend the night.


If I have already convinced you of at least 3 clubs to visit, take advantage of this Party Pack , which includes up to 5 nights of party, with a $ 30 USD discount if you book in advance and includes a Pre-Party for each night you book and a Day Pass to Mandala Beach Club Day.


What are you waiting for to get your Party Pack!



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Express Summer Body.

The summer is about to begin and if you already have plans to go to the beach, you will surely want to show off the perfect bikini body in Cancun, Vallarta or any other beach destination you are planning to tan at.

Unfortunately sometimes school or work don’t leave us with much time to train our dream body, but following these basic steps you´ll be able to sport a sculptural body very quickly and without suffering.


Mandala cancun blog

To look toned and fit it is important to watch the consumption of calories and carbs, but that doesn’t mean we have to starve ourselves. Eating is the key. ¿Does that sounds illogical? Keep reading:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Never skip this meal, because it will be the one that provides energy and “fuel” for the whole day. Dismiss the sweet fruits (melon, mango, etc.), which contain a lot of sugar that will end up transforming into fat. Instead, eat the good ones like strawberries, coconut and raisins; many of these can be used as snacks between meals, which will help you to avoid eating sweets. The rest of the meals must be balanced and if there is something that you really need to forget about it is sodas.


The physical routine is basic too, instead of passing hours and hours at the gym, it is better to work specific muscles which will make your body look better, such as: abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and chest. Find an easy and complete routine and do four series of 15 reps each, watching form in order to assure the best results. Complete your workout with some cardio, which will help with the extra calories.

Playboy mandala beach


Eat well starting now until the beginning of summer break, follow the exercise routine and you will see that you can reach your goal of a sculpt and toned body. I already began the countdown for the Playboyland Party at Mandala Beach Cancun taking place on July 1st and I will you know how well it worked for me and will let you see a picture of my abs.