Songs that are playing at the nightclubs

New Year Eve is getting closer and it is well known in the music industry that releasing your album / single during the last month of the year will guarantee great sales. At the end of this year we are listening to new talents, which have surprised us because the majority are under 25 years old and have already managed to position themselves among the best around the world; and obviously their hits are the most requested and danced to at the nightclubs in Cancun. Continue reading to find out more about the most recent hits we partyholics love.


1. Rockstar – Post Malone

This song has been number one on the hit lists around the world for only one week. This victory scream turned into a rap by Post Malone and 21 Savage, counts with more than 42 million reproductions and numbers are rising day by day.

Through the letters of this song, Post Malone tells us what the life of a superstar is like. If you are not yet familiar with this theme, we invite you to listen to it at Mandala Cancún or La Vaquita Cancún. It is probable that you will end up obsessed with this song and that you will ask the DJ to play it every 5 minutes.


2. Havana – Camila Cabello

When Camila was part of the band Fifth Harmony, she gave people something to talk about and now as a solo artist, there is much more to say about this lady. Her new hit “Havana” in collaboration with Young Thug, is a perfect musical combination and is breaking speakers around the world quickly.

“Havana” is already number 2  of the top global and will surely reach the first position as it is truly an excellent tune, at Cancun’s nightclubs everyone runs to the dance floor when the DJ plays this song. Besides, don’t lose track of Camila, who I am sure will continue offering great music and many reason to dance.


3. New Rules – Dua Lipa

Another super talented and your girl- who makes me feel like I wasted by life, – is the British Singer Dua Lipa, who has become super famous around the globe with her songs ‘’Be the One’’ and ‘’New Love’’. Currently she is breaking records with her new hit ‘’New Rules’’, which has positioned itself in the top 3 hits worldwide.

This singers shows us that you do not have to follow trends like trap, dembow or dancehall, to be one of the partyholics´ favorites. Without a doubt we will continue listening and enjoying her music at the best clubs in Mexico and the World.

After listening to the music of these great, but young talents, you won’t want to stop dancing and listening and you will request their songs to the DJ at the nightclubs, this will definitely be something on your list of things to do in Cancun.

Blog by Charly -El Partyholic-.

Advantages Of Traveling During Low Season

If you are an inveterate traveler, but without much experience – yet – you have surely asked yourself the following: How is traveling during low season? How are the destinations when there aren´t so many people? Is it worth it or not? Is it cheaper or is that a myth?

Don’t worry because I, your favorite partyholic, will tell you why it IS worth traveling when no one else does. So finish reading and afterwards – and I mean just after finishing -, go pack your suitcase to enjoy a trip to Cancun or any other destination without spending too much and enjoying at a maximum.


Well, it is important to start by defining the start and end dates of the “low season”. In Mexico there are 3 times during the year:

  1.    January – February: Winter is the perfect season to escape to the beach, especially if you are a person who does not like tumults. Even though these month are cooler in comparison to the summer, escaping the cold of the city is the right choice. The beaches are calm and there are few people, due to which you will be able to enjoy all of Cancun’s attractions avoiding long and tedious lines for example at the nightclubs such as Mandala and The City, you will not be making any lines if you purchase your Open Bar tickets here.
  2. May – June: After Spring Break in Cancún and the Easter holiday vacations during which the city gets crammed, things calm down a bit during these month. Even though you will find more people than in January-February, you won’t need to worry about arriving at the beach and not being able to find an empty beach bed or lounge chair. Besides, the heat feels good and you should take advantage and take in some sun to obtain the tan of your dreams, which you will want to show off during the nightlife in Cancun.  
  3. August – November: During the first weeks of August you can find many families enjoying both Mandala Beach Club and the shopping malls, so if you prefer something calmer, I would recommend to travel starting the last week of this month and until the second week of November. After the long November weekend, Christmas holidays start and occupancy rises, as do prices.

Even though it is the feared “hurricane season” and it is possible that you will encounter some rain, shopping in Cancun is the best, because there are many offers, including at the nightclubs in Cancun. Access here to see this season’s offers for Mandala, Palazzo, La Vaquita and The City.


The Advantages:

  • Low Prices

The tourist destinations depend on the constant flow of tourists and to encourage more people to travel, hotels, as well as restaurants, stores etc will offer discounts or promotions. As a result if you are being a smart buyer you can save part of your travel budget and bring home souvenirs for all your friends.

  • Few people

Avoid the stress caused by not being able to catch the bus because it is full, arriving anywhere and having to wait in endless lines, including at the airport. In low season there are less people, due to which you can enjoy the services and places of interest in Cancun super relaxed and without wasting time waiting in line.  

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  • VIP Service

As there aren´t as many people at the destination you will end up being truly pampered. Sometimes when there are many people, it is not possible to provide the best possible service, due to which when traveling in low season you will be the VIP at any place you visit. The people assisting you, will do so gladly and they will dedicate the time to answer your questions, share anecdotes and without a doubt you will experience the famous “Mexican hospitality” at its best.

Did I convince you to take out your passport and to book your travel package today? I hope so!

Relaxing and Sunbathing at Sun

This partyholic and passionate traveler, invites you to visit Mexico. Any destination in my country will make you fall in love, but most of all I would like you to vacation in Cancun any time of the year, you will not regret getting to know this paradise, which I am fortunate to call: my home.

Blog by Charly -El Partyholic-.

Happy birthday #50 to David Guetta

It’s Nov 7th, that’s mean that today is David Guetta’s bday! 50 years bein amazing!

He is my #1 on my top 5 of the most fantastic DJs around the world. I born at the 80’s so I grown up by listening his beats! And as a EDM lover, I have to recognize that thanks to David Guetta is that this genre became so popular.

Today, I’m going to play my fav song of Mr. Guetta: Just a little more love… Enjoy it!


Can’t wait to hear and dance with the future hits of this talented man!