The electrifying nights of Palazzo Cancun

As the official party girl of my group I am always in charge to aorganize our night outs, I like elaborate ambiances, that´s the main reason I love Palazzo Cancun.

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Palazzo’s elegance makes me think the French queen Marie Antoinette would be clubbing here if she were alive.


I already lived the Palazzo’s Electric Party a couple times, but last Saturday was a complete new experience for me, partying there is never the same since Palazzo is constantly reinventing itself…


Palazzo is constantly reinventing itself, that’s why it brings us the coolest parties ever.

The very first thing we saw was the laser robot, and that was the beginning of a very electrifying night!
We booked a table with bottle service and used our beverage credit – part of the amount we paid – by ordering drinks and a big bottle of Champagne (girls love bubbles!).

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We were drinking champagne when the go-go dancers arrived wearing neon suits, their dancing style were the perfect mix between breaking dance and sexy moves. At the same time, the party flavors started to fill up the dance floor… Neon sticks for everyone! We got some neon tiaras and pretend to be the queens of the night.


The music at Palazzo is just incredible, literally everybody was dancing and the dance floor was never empty! The lights made us shine to the rhythm of the beats. We loved our VIP table, but we also loved to have fun at the dance floor.

The music at Palazzo is incredible, literally everybody was dancing! The dance floor was never empty.


The best moment for us was the laser robot – who was dancing around the club the whole night- he visited our table and made a funny dance just for us. For a minute the neon lights were overshadowed for all the flashes of the cell phones trying to capture this moment.

As I am writing my experience, I flash back to that night at Palazzo Cancun and smile. I don’t know how they create a unique atmosphere of glamour and positive emotions that make all of us enjoy the party like never before. That´s their secret: they just give us what we want! How do they know what that is? I guess I’ll need another night to discover it! Are you coming with me?

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