Glowing at Señor Frogs

The philosophy of Señor Frogs is simple: Have fun, let yourself go and unleash your fiesta! That’s exactly what I did last Sunday night at the Glow Party. You could have been to Señor Frogs Cancun before, but this party is out of this world, be prepared to get dirty.

At Senor Frogs the people love to interact with each other!

I´m not sure if the place was crowded because it was summer or just for being Sunday night but even though I arrived early the club was full. The first thing I did was to get a drink –you must try strawberry daiquiris, I drank them the whole night- at the bar located in front of the stage. This bar also works like scenario for bravest girls whom dance on the bar like if someone pay them for that!

While I was dancing with my friends -not over the bar, I am not brave enough-, another partyholic put on a balloon hat in my head and danced around us. At Señor Frogs, people love to interact with each other! At the beginning could be a little disarming but never stop of being funny, if you are coming you must be prepared to laugh hard.

Have fun, let yourself go and unleash your fiesta!

At midnight, the host started the contests. The first one included crowd surfing and the prize was a bottle of whiskey, well actually it was about 6 bottles of different liquors and even a lady participated. The staff made a little show for us and then other contest was announced: The twerking! Actually I am not sure if it was a dance or bikini contest but it was more like a twerking one. Seven sexy girls participated, of course all of them were hot and very good dancers. It was a hard competition and all  men loved it.

The neon paint, contest, drinks and great music are part of Señor Frogs Glow Party.

After this contest and several daiquiris, I was on the perfect mood for more party and Senor Frogs never disappoints me. Neon paint began to fall, it started like a drizzle and everybody jumped and danced following the beats of music. As the paint were covering us, the party became wilder, people cleaned their hands and faces with their t-shirts and the unknown’s clothes! And it was cool; they just smiled back and help you to get dry your face to continue partying.

After the glow paint rain ended, the party went on and on. Everybody danced, made conga line right to tequila shots and just continued having fun. It was like a wild frat party and I wanted it to last forever.

Do you think you’ve been into some crazy parties? Try the Señor Frogs Glow Party and then we talk…

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