Interesting facts about Mexican Independence Day

We are just a few days away from one of the most important celebrations in Mexico: The Fiestas Patrias! This September we celebrate one more year of the Independence of our beautiful country and on the 15th and 16th of this month, in Mandala Cancun there will be lots of partying and tequila.

For you to begin to understand this celebration, we give you 5 important facts about Mexico’s independence:


1. Viva Mexico! 

Is not exactly what Miguel Hidalgo shouted, some people claim that he cried “Long live our holy mother of Guadalupe!” and others say that the cry was “Viva America!” No matter what he shouted, Mexicans have adjusted and shout happily ¡Viva México! And to be able to give a shout like a true Mexican, maybe you need a little tequila to open your throat and it just so happens that in Mandala Cancun there will be a Tequila tasting of Don Julio which you should not miss and is included in your ticket.  To take advantage of this opportunity and to learn more about this national drink you should arrive at 9 pm.  




2. Years later

The Independence was not recognized until 11 years later, so we actually celebrate the cry of Hidalgo and not the Independence of Mexico, which actually happened September 27th, 1821.


Zocalo15 Sep


3. Two holidays!

Yeah that’s right! In Mexico we celebrate the Independence on September 15th and 16th, this is because the movement began on September 15th around 11 pm, but really, was achieved on September 16th. As you can imagine in Cancun we will also celebrate both days and therefor you get 2 national holidays in Cancun at the best price.



4. Change in plans

The rebellion was to begin on October 2nd, however upon being discovered, this had to be advanced, beginning on September 15th at 11 pm. Can you imagine how sad the month of September would be without Mexican nights?




5. International celebration

Year after year in Mexico City (capital of Mexico) the cry of Hidalgo is recreated, however it is celebrated around the world thanks to the fact that Mexicans living abroad do not forget their roots.



I am ready to enjoy the long Independence weekend in Cancun, with spectacular parties you can only live here.


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