Let’s toast with mezcal during Mexico’s Fiestas Patrias

“Para todo mal mezcal y para todo bien… también” (For all evil: mezcal and for all good … as well)

Have you tried mezcal? Yes? Well, let me tell you that you have tried a pre-Hispanic drink! But today, thanks to hipsters, mezcal is the latest trend and for that reason, we will tell you 5 things you might not have known about it:


  1. Prehispanic origin

According to the legend, one day a lightning bolt, upon striking a piece of agave, produced a liquid that would later be known around the world as ‘mezcal’.

Mezcal cuenco



  1. Kisses, not drinks

You do not drink mezcal like a shot of tequila, but by ‘besitos’ (kisses). Connoisseurs say that in order to really taste mezcal it should be taken little by little and accompanied by a slice of orange, bitter chocolate or the traditional worm salt (while it doesn’t sound like it, it truly tastes delicious).

Mezcal- Botella


  1. Hangover, what is that?

Another reason to consume mezcal is that it does not make you beg for mercy the next day because of a hangover. Forget the headache, sensitivity to light and / or sound, thirst and body aches as long as you do not mix with other drinks.


  1. Drink of the Gods

There are several types of agaves, but only the Espadín and the Madrecuixe allow to generate ‘luxury’ mezcal since they are cultivated in a regulated manner. The rest of the agaves are considered wild, because they are born, grow and reproduce without supervision.



  1. More good than bad

I won’t say that mezcal is an effective syrup against all evil, but if you take it in moderation it can be beneficial for your health, because it calms the pain, avoids inflammations and as it helps you to relax it has been found to be efficient to battle insomnia.


So, do not think about it any longer and enjoy the gift the pre-Hispanic gods have for you.

Blog by Charly -El Partyholic-.