The Halloween party is one of the most entertaining and most-awaited seasons of the year. Check these 10 Halloween parties you’ll be scared to miss.

This is the only day of the year when you can disguise yourself and play to be someone else, whether it’s some horror character, some classic movie character, or some original creation, so you can spend all night partying with your costume.

If you still don’t know where to go for this much-awaited event, you can always choose to travel to one of the best beach destinations in Mexico to enjoy the best Halloween parties in Mexico’s top clubs.


So check out these top 10 Halloween parties you’ll be scared to miss in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Los Cabos:


Cancun Mandala – Skulls and Devils

The theme-party of Halloween in Mandala will be skulls and devils. Here, you will be able to decide which of the two of you will dress yourself up to live a unique party experience. What will you be, skull or devil?

Vaquita Cancun- Insane night 

The night of the insane came to Vaquita. The atmosphere, decoration, and lighting will make you live a party with all the madness possible.

The City – The cITy – locals (only)

Clowns have taken over The City to generate terror and a lot of fun this coming Halloween.

Playa del Carmen:

Palazzo – This is Halloween

The Pumpkin King comes to Palazzo for a night out in the style of Jack’s strange world. Are you ready for the night? 

Vaquita Playa – Drink or twerk make your choice

Did someone say drink or twerk? In Vaquita Playa you will have to choose a trick for Halloween night.

Halloween Jack


Mandala Cabos- Have you seen it?

Some lost faces, maybe this is the night to find them. If you haven’t seen them, go to Mandala Cabos.

Vaquita Cabos- Upside Down Night

Everything that appears to be may not be, so don’t trust anything, or should you trust everything? A night of fear and fun in Vaquita Cabos.

Halloween Upside Down

Abolengo Cabos- Trick or Drink

This is our adult version of Halloween where you must choose whether to trick or drink. So drink up. 

Kitty – The gang is back 

It’s time to make a lot of noise and go wild in Kitty with the gang. Who will tag along for this adventure?