Abolengo Cancun brings a different style to the city of Cancun, uniting the concept of a modern Bar and a Mexican Cantina.

This combination makes Abolengo Cancun the perfect spot to come with your partner to pre-eat, dine and have flirty drinks served in ‘jars’ before a wild night of partying in any of our clubs. If you are looking for activities to live as a couple on your trip through Cancun, this is for you, we will tell you 3 experiences that you can only live with your partner in Abolengo Cancun.


• Dance to live music

With covers from Rock, Pop, Hits & Latin, to Reggaeton, the experience becomes more interesting, because you are going to want to hold your partner’s hand and take their best dance steps together because as soon as the live band begins to play It is almost mandatory to run on the track. Trust us, you won’t want to sit down for a moment.



• Sing until you can’t anymore on the Karaoke nights in Cancun

Abolengo Cancun is a fun environment, creating a closer experience with the people you attend, allowing you to enjoy the company of others. That is why we recommend you tune that throat well because, in our Karaoke nights, you can take the opportunity to go on stage and dedicate that song that your partner likes so much but now, singing it in public, what courage you must have!

Although the question here would be Do you have the courage or is it worth it? We trust you…


• Taste the mixology in jars and try the hookahs

This is our favorite part of living a night in Abolengo Cancun: Mixology and Hookahs in Cancun! Because if it is about sharing experiences as a couple, this could be the best option, since in La Bartina you can try a versatility of cocktails prepared and served in jars, ideal for sharing and tasting different flavors and colors. Although, if their taste is a little stronger and bitter, our beer tasting, from different places in Quintana Roo and the country, cannot be missed for anything in the world, we are sure that by law they will leave Abolengo Cancun happy.

And as we know that the couple’s experiences never end, they can also enjoy our hookahs and their variety of flavors, making it possible for them to experience the nightlife of Cancun together from a quieter but no less fun environment.



And in this way, we could continue to give you reasons to enjoy the company of your partner, but you are the only one who decides, although we are sure that when you visit us you will realize that spending a night in Abolengo Cancun is like to live festival that will delight your senses.