When you visit Cancun, it is essential to visit all the wonders it offers, however, it is just as important or even more to see the nightlife of Cancun. And there is no better way to enjoy than spending a crazy night in Cancun’s largest nightclub, The City is the perfect place for party lovers and partyholics who are looking for unforgettable moments and for all those adventurers who they want to take over the night. That is why we tell you 3 experiences that you can only live in The City.

1.- Epic events


The City is the meeting point for the best artists who come to Cancun, this incredible venue can host more than 6,000 partyholics ready to sing the hymns of the moment in unison, it is at this moment when you can feel how It makes your skin stand on end and you know that not only will it be a night like the others, but this will be an epic night.

At the end of 2019, Martin Garrix, considered the best DJ in the world for three years in a row by DJ Magazine, made The City vibrate with his hits “Scared to be Lonely ft. Dua Lipa ”,“ In the name of love ft Berlin Tag ” and “ Animals ”definitely conquered the night.


2.- Keep celebrating and stay hydrated


As you may know, The City is the largest nightclub in Cancun, the place has 3 levels so you can have an excellent view of the main stage, but if you are one of those who love being in the front row, in the central area there is a large dance floor where you can show your best moves and dance until dawn. After so much partying it is vitally important to stay hydrated and for that, The City has 9 bar areas so that no matter where you are, you will never be short of drink and have easy access to the elixir of the party.


3.-Spring Break


There is no doubt that spending the Spring Break season in Cancun with its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters is already an experience that you cannot miss, but if in addition to that you add a whole month of events with world-class artists, in the Latin America’s biggest nightclub, then it is something that if you are a true partyholic you have to experience.