The only way to have a good life is to see the good in the bad, and for me the best thing about quarantine is all the delicious food that I have eaten… Like the foodie that I am, I have loved that now all the fun and cool places in Playa del Carmen not only offer drinks and cocktails but they also have tasty snacks in their menus so now the “nights of fiesta” are fun and delicious! One of those places is Santito Tun Tun in Playa del Carmen, which has a menu of “mexican munchies” that you must taste because they are tempting and appetizing. 


Santito Bowl


My first recommendation among the 3 Mexican munchies to try in Santito Tun Tun Playa del Carmen is the Santito Bowl. This is one of the house specialties and it is super light and fresh but also exquisite.


The rice bowl has avocado, cherry tomato and edamames… You can add shrimp or rib eye for a little difference. I ordered it with shrimp and I loved it!

I recommend this bowl for those nights when you are not so hungry … Although the portion is very generous, it really is not a heavy meal.




In Santito’s menu you will find 2 sushi (rolls) options. I have already tried both and since I can’t decide which one tastes better, I recommend both lol.


The San Judas has tuna and it is spicy because it also has serrano pepper, but even I said it is spicy, it is not really really spicy. I ended up putting habanero sauce.

And the San Benito roll has shrimp and is breaded, and well, we all love shrimp sushi so this is going to be one of your favorites!

Pitas Tun Tun


At this point, I honestly doubted between the “miracle burger” and the “Pita Tun Tun”… The reason I choose the pita is because the Arabic bread in which they serve it is soft and fresh, also it has shrimp, bacon, gouda cheese and avocado -all my favorite ingredients- plus it is served with fries. Sounds great, isn’t?

And here is the partyholic tip: In the garnishes menu there is a “Mexica Sauce Santito style”, ask for it and add it to your pita … You will go crazy with the deli flavor that results! 

Well, those are the 3 snacks to try in Santito Tun Tun that I recommend and I’m sure you are going to love them. And of course we want to know about the food but also want to know how much we are going to spend on our outing to make our budget, the prices of Santito Tun Tun are super accessible and with $500 Mexican Pesos you can enjoy a dish, 2 or 3 drinks and have a lot of fun.


Also important to mention that this is one of the places that follows all the guidelines that guarantee your safety and prevent the contagion of covid-19 in Playa del Carmen but if you are interested in learning more about the hygiene and safety actions that Santito has, just visit this link.


Surely you no longer want to continue reading but to be savoring one of the 3 Mexican munchies to try in Santito Tun Tun in Playa del Carmen so I am not entertaining you anymore… Enjoy your dinner!