Maybe because at this point of the confinement my mental health is based on dreaming all day about the things and activities I will do when the quarantine ends, so today I dreamed about  the things you should do when clubs reopen after covid-19 in Cancun.


And my first night at the nightclubs in Cancun will be epic, not because of the level of planning or because on that night I will celebrate my birthday, my singleness and my graduation. Unfortunately all those events happened in the months of the confinement, so I have a lot to celebrate, don’t you think?


Here are my 5 things you should do when clubs reopen after covid-19 in Cancun:


Get the perfect face mask for a partyholic

I don’t know if you are used to wearing face masks, but it is definitely going to be a requirement that partyholics will have to comply  to enter the bars and clubs in Cancun, Mexico and around the world.


Surely you have already seen the fun options of face masks that exist – or is something that only Mexicans do? -, you know those who have printed red lips, or the chin of a superhero, famous artists, animals, strange smiles, etc. But for a night out the ideal face mask must have  glitter and sequins. I already imagine my mask matching with my sequined little black dress I plan to wear for my first night-out after the pandemic.


Also, I will wear the white shiny glove from my halloween costume when I was Michael Jackson. To shine like the diamonds Rihanna taught us to be!


Choose your crew

Partyholic, you must be conscient that this is your first night out after months confined, so I recommend you to select wisely your party squad to live this wonderful night in which you will forget the months of quarantine.


Do you want to know how I decide who is part of my party squad? First I eliminate the people who act like an idiot when they drink as we can throwed away just  because they refused to use sanitizing gel. I also leave the paranoid out because with their fears they can end up ruining the night. And who is included? Those who obey by the rules even drunk, and when is time to go home they just follow you to the door without problems; those who love to dance and know all the songs -because I only sing and dance the old pre-pandemic reggaeton-; and especially those who are fun and create a good atmosphere with their funny occurrences and dances.


Define the club you want to go to

This point is super important because although it is supposed that the bars and nightclubs will open until the epidemiological traffic light be green -which means that they will open to their maximum capacity-, hundreds of partyholics want to party and unless you want to go to The City Nightclub Cancun that can accommodate up to 6,000 people, the best idea is to buy your tickets in advance to ensure your access to the venue of your choice, especially if you want a table reservation.


Like you already know which friends you are going to hang out with, the next step of the plan is to decide which nightclub suits your plan. For night out in Cancun after the pandemic your options will be:  La Vaquita if you like reggaeton and hip hop; or Mandala, the most desired club by partyholics thanks to its great atmosphere.


Book your table / open bar tickets  in advance


As I mentioned in the previous point, there are many of us who really need a good night out and there will be a lot of demand for a party. And probably the clubs will make changes on their opening days and even on their schedules, so having this info and a reservation before arriving at the club will be the best for you. And booking at  you will get the best price and express access to the club, avoiding the lines.


In the club, be a good partyholic


The nightclubs in Cancun will re-open complying with each safety, health and hygiene measure indicated by the corresponding authorities. They will have sanitizing mats, gel dispensers at the entrances and on the bars, and any protocol that is indicated to them, so they are committed to the security of the partyholics. 


On our side as partyholics, it is super important that we follow all the rules, that you put on gel every time you see a dispenser, and you can even make a game with your friends: a tequila shot for each gel application.


Those are the 5 things you should do when you can clubbing in Cancun after the pandemic; but I have an additional just for the girls:


Bonus: Try on your club outfit


If during the quarantine you focus your energy developing your pastry abilities and forget about your fit routine,  at the moment you are reading this article run to try on your favorite clubbing dress to know if you still fit in it or if you should start an emergency diet. 


Those were the points and I hope that you start to prepare yourself for like we used to before the arrival of the coronavirus in Cancun


The opening dates of the Cancun’s nightclubs will be announced here in this blog, so keep reading every new post.