Playa del Carmen is very famous for tourists who come from different corners of the world, especially those who come from the United States and Europe. It’s one of the best places to enjoy a great vacation since Playa is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya and it is very easy to transport you to the different places that make this part of the Caribbean a paradise. So, I bring you 5 things you can do in Playa del Carmen 2020 for your next trip to this place. I swear that you will not regret visiting any of these touristic points because they are the most emblematic of the region.


La Quinta Avenida.

That’s right! The first place you must visit is this famous street located  in the heart of Playa del Carmen and very close to the beach. All tourists who visit our town have to walk this wonderful street, here you can find a variety of amazing shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. It would be a crime for you to visit Playa del Carmen without walking this avenue.

Frida Kahlo Museum

Frida Kahlo is without a doubt one of the most recognized mexican artists in the world, if you are her fan and never had the opportunity to visit her Museum located in Mexico City, you will be happy to know that in Playa del Carmen there is a Frida Kahlo Museum on the Fifth Avenue. You can find some of her paintings and a lot of info about her that will help you to understand the emblematic life of this great Mexican.

Maya Portal.

It’s a sculpture found in Parque Fundadores -you can arrive there by walking the 5th Avenue-. It was created by the artist Arturo Tavarez, it measures 16 meters and weighs 60 tons. At the top you can find a woman and a man intertwining their hands, the spiral that drives the man simulates the air and the woman the water, in the columns you can find a mixture of Mayan elements to honor that culture like the ball game . This sculpture means a new beginning for humanity, the hope for something better since it was inaugurated on December 21, 2012, the year the Mayas predicted the end of the World. Do you remember that? The sculpture is amazing and for sure you want to take a selfie with it like a background.



Since Playa del Carmen is in the middle of the Riviera Maya, you can go and see one of the more than 3,000 cenotes that are very close to this area. One of the most famous and beautiful is the Cenote Azul, it’s located at the south of Playa del Carmen in approximately 20 minutes. You will love it for its crystal water and the variety of marine life. You have to visit a cenote in your visit to Playa del Carmen. 


Calle 12

Calle 12 (12th Avenue) is known for being the street to party since almost all the nightclubs in Playa del Carmen are located there. If you are looking for a fun and crazy night, this street is the one you must walk during your visit to Playa.  Here you can find the best nightclubs such as Mandala, Palazzo and the new sensation Rakata, where you can twerk all night.

But if you are looking for something quieter, in Calle 12 you can find some restaurant-bars such as Abolengo and Santito Tun Tun.

Unfortunately, the nightclubs in Playa del Carmen are closed due to Covid-19 but we hope they will open again very soon for us to be able to live unforgettable nights as we did in these clubs before this pandemic.


But not all are bad news, some places are open now and the city started to return to offer party nights, for example Santito Tun Tun an amazing restaurant-bar who offers fun nights! It has limited capacity, so we recommend you make your reservation HERE before visiting Santito to ensure an unforgettable evening .


Now you know what to do when you visit Playa del Carmen on your next trip to these Mayan lands. See you soon folks!