1. Chips

A taste of Mexico in a chip.

Yes we know you actually have chips or Lays in your country BUT and yes there is a big but, mexican chips are different, fun and delicious. Some of them might be a bit spicy but some are really worth it. We recommend: Rancheritos.


  1. Chamoy
chamoy manzanas

Apples with chamoy, a delicious mixture of flavors.

Another typical Mexican candy is Chamoy; it’s sweet, sour & salty. It is often found in Mexico’s most popular candy brands, fruit sauces and also used for frozen drinks likes lushies that are referred to as Chamoyada. Chamoy is not only a liquid treat, but also comes in powder consistency that can be eaten by itself or sprinkled on to other fruits and sweets. Do you dare to try it?


  1. Aguas frescas
aguas frescas

Natural fruit water… perfect for the warm weather of Cancun, Mexico.

Traduced as “Fresh waters” aguas frescas are flavored mexican drinks. Horchata and Jamaica are the most popular.  The first one is made from rice and the second one from Hibuscus Flower. You can’t come to Mexico and not drink an horchata or Jamaica.

Advice: drink horchata or Jamaica when you’re having tacos. It’s a match made in heaven.


  1. Ojo rojo
Michelada 2

A ‘red eye’ will be your favorite drink this summer!

Ojos Rojos are a famous and classic drink to cure hangovers and it works miraculously. Ojo rojo is a michelada (beer, Worcestershire sauce hot sauce, maggi, lime, salt) but with tomato juice.

So it’s like a “Beer Bloody Mary” to call it some other way. For foreigners it might taste a bit strange but mexicans love it. It’s refreshing and ends hangovers, what else could you ask for?


  1. Mezcales
Tequila shot with lime and salt on vintage background.

Mezcal is another mexican liquor… delicious as Tequila!

Sure you know Tequila, but have you tried mezcal? Mezcal it’s also made of agave just like tequila but it’sproduced with a different process and timing. Some consider mezcal has smokier flavor.

Advice: don’t drink mezcal like a shot. Sip, enjoy it and drink it slowly. Mezcal it’s a must during your visit to Cancun.


Are you brave enough for try them? What other mexican food or beverage would you add to this list? Share your opinion with us!


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