I guess 99.99% of world´s population loves beer and for sure you do too. As a beer lover there is a lot of basic info that you probably know about this alcoholic beverage, but let´s forget the boring details like that beer is the result of fermentation of malted cereal mostly barley and wheat. Instead check out these 5 less known beer facts:


1. Beer and pretty girls

cerveza lady

At the present time, beer is considered mostly asa drink for men, but in the ancient age only the most beautiful and wealthy women were brewers and only they had the honor of participating in the elaboration of this delicious beverage. Beer + pretty women sound like the best combo ever, don´t you agree?


2. The best payment ever!


Can you accept a job if your payment was beer? Well, the ancient Egyptians did! Theywere paid with beer and that means the pyramids were built under the influence of alcohol.


3. Doctor´s best recomendation

Between the therapeutic virtues of beer that you can find are: it is considered an effective remedy for insomnia, works like a digestive, antiseptic and it reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. So, next time someone criticizes you for drinking a beer, tell them you are being healthy.


4. We have a match!

chocolate and beer

Black chocolate is a great match for dark beer. No, I am not inventing this!The chocolate exalts the taste of beer so the next time you will be drinking beer, please try this combination.


5. I LIKE beer

i like beer

Did you know the “Rule of thumb” or better known as the sign of “Like” in social media, came from beer brewers? They would stick their thumbs into the fermented mix to find out if the temperature was right for adding the yeast, if it was ok they would put the thumb up.


All these facts about beer made me feel thirsty, so it is better if I go to Mandala Beach Club Cancun quickly to enjoy the sun, the beach and a very cold beer. Would you like to do the same? I bet you would. Join me and all the fun people here and ask for your “Chelita” to Jacobo, one of the friendliest servers I ever met.