Are you planning your next trip to Cancun and don’t know which places to visit? Well, today I have for you the 5 places in Cancun that you can’t miss on your next trip and that you should visit. Without a doubt Cancun has a thousand spectacular spots that we can visit to enjoy an unforgettable, relaxing and fun vacation. Sometimes our holidays are not as long as we would like and it doesn’t give us time to visit all these attractions but here you will find some places that you can’t miss for anything in the world.


El Mirador of playa delfines (The Lookout)

The best place to admire one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Cancun is undoubtedly El Mirador of playa delfines. I’m a fan of taking photos and I promise you that is the best spot for that, the background is spectacular! You cannot imagine how beautiful the sea looks with the different shades of turquoise blue. Apart from that, here you can find the famous letters of Cancun where thousands of tourists line up to take that emblematic photo.

MUSA – Underwater Museum of Art

Uff! For water lovers, this is the perfect option for you. This underwater museum is located in the Mexican Caribbean Sea between Cancun and Isla Mujeres and it has more than 500 incredible sculptures totally submerged underwater. To be able to admire them it can be snorkeling, diving or if you don’t love the water you can take the boat tour with a glass bottom.

And if you still think about it, I tell you that this is one of the most ambitious water attractions in the world. You will thank me later!

La Isla Mall

My favorite mall in all Cancun! Forget I am a shopaholic, I have many extra reasons why it is my favorite mall, starting with the fact that it is next to the nichupté lagoon and the view is incredible. Of course, we all like to go for a walk in the afternoon with family or friends and this is the perfect place, whether to go shopping, to buy an ice cream or eat at one of its many restaurants of Mexican, American, Argentine or Italian food. I recommend you to visit La Isla Mall in the afternoon so that you can appreciate the best sunsets in Cancun.

Market 28

I think we always try to take a souvenir of each new place we visit so we can remember a little of what we lived on that trip. Well, “Mercado 28” is the perfect place to buy Mexican handicrafts and enjoy the best local food in the city of Cancun such as typical Mexican food, aguachile, ceviche and a thousand other things. Whatever you are looking for, I promise you will certainly find it there, from maracas, tequila, Mexican hats, magnets and even ponchos.

Party center

Last but not least … The party! Yes, Cancun is well known for its endless nights and epic parties. In the Party Center are the best and most famous nightclubs in Cancun such as Mandala, La Vaquita, Abolengo, Señor Frogs and The City, and obviously Mandala Beach Club that offers parties from 11:00 am and some days until 4:00 am. Sadly, due to the situation of the covid-19 in Cancun, all the nightclubs are closed except for Abolengo and Mandala Beach Club. If you are next to visit Cancun you have these 2 options to enjoy a fun night with your friends at the Party Center!

As I mentioned before at the Party Center, there are few places available in that area and with limited space, such as Abolengo and Mandala Beach Club and therefore I recommend you to make your reservations in advance so that you don’t miss the opportunity to go out and have some fun. I will share you the official website for more info and enjoy the exclusive online prices:


Now that you know the 5 places in Cancun that you can’t miss on your next trip, I recommend you to investigate each place as they may have new hygiene protocols, different opening days or some important information that may be useful for your next visit. I hope to see you soon in this Mexican paradise!