Tired of quarantine? Do you feel that these days were worse than going to work? After so many days at home do you need a vacation?

We say yes, before returning to the routine, all you need to do is recover your tan under the sun, a pina colada and an incomparable spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea.

Here we tell you the best 5 places to visit in the Mexican Caribbean that you can’t miss. Your only job, choosing which one to go first.

  1. Cancún
  2. Playa del Carmen
  3. Tulum
  4. Bacalar
  5. Holbox


1. Cancun

Not for nothing this remains the quintessential destination of the Caribbean, with its paradisiacal beaches and its beautiful blue sea, it is still the king.

This place has a thousand and one things to offer you so you never get bored. Visit its unique natural places, have fun doing some water activities and enjoy its incredible international cuisine. Now that if you want to be less adventurous and prefer to just rest, it offers you spectacular golf courses, the most exclusive spas and the best shopping centers.

At night Cancun is transformed to make way for the best nightlife with its bars and clubs, here are our recommendations:


  • La Vaquita Cancun with its mix of hip hop, reggaeton and R&B music will make you twerk all night. If your things are places with a great atmosphere, full of music and that make you dance, La Vaquita will not disappoint you.
  • Mandala Nightclub has a very particular oriental style, accompanied by the beats of the music, the DJ of the house will take you to the most incredible trip you can imagine. Not everyone is ready to experience Mandala, Do you dare to enter?.
  • The City is one of the most prestigious clubs in Latin America, and has gained enormous popularity because only the best artists have been there (Snoop Dogg, Akon, Sean Paul, T-Pain, DJ Snake, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Tiesto , Avicii, Nervo and many more). Although The City opens only on Fridays, it will be the best party you’ve ever gone to. We promise that after a night in The city, your life will never be the same.


2. Playa del Carmen

Another of the most popular destinations in the Mexican Caribbean is Playa del Carmen, with its beautiful beaches and one of the most famous avenues, let yourself be surprised by this incredible city. Playa del Carmen has activities for everyone.

Did you wake up wanting cultural experiences? You will surely find them! Thanks to its local multicultural community, Playa del Carmen will always have an exhibition or workshop to offer you, be it music, literature or theater, whatever you choose will fill you with excitement.

In addition to this, its famous 5th Avenue is full of options, among restaurants, cafes and bars, we are sure that some of them will call you.

Just like Cancun offers you an incredible nightlife, here there is everything and for all tastes, your only problem will be choosing which place to enter first. Of course we recommend you take a tour of La Vaquita, Mandala and Palazzo 


3. Tulum

Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful place on earth looks like? This is undoubtedly Tulum and you have to see it to believe it.

Tulum is recognized for its incredible views of the Caribbean Sea, its Mayan ruins and archaeological zones, however it has much more to offer this beautiful city. With its peculiar hipster style you can take a tour of the entire city by bicycle, stop at a restaurant and try the culinary delights that this place has for you. Unlike the previous destinations, Tulum is a calm, fresh city that allows you to discover yourself. If you are in the mood for a spiritual stop, this is the place.


4. Bacalar

Every time we move further away from the hustle and bustle, the festivities and we are entering the tranquility and traditions of the Caribbean.

Bacalar is a city that you cannot miss, founded by the Mayans and endowed with an impressive cultural wealth, it will captivate you with all the nature and history it has to tell.

We recommend a walk through the Laguna de los 7 Colores, the main attraction of the place, it is a natural wonder that will leave you breathless. Enjoy the scenery and let yourself be filled by this impressive experience.

Like Tulum, this place is full of an inexplicable healing energy that renews your body and soul, so if you want an experience that connects you with our ancestors, a place to get away from everyday things and fill you with peace, Bacalar is the option for you.

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5. Holbox

Holbox is a unique experience that you must live in, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, this island has a lot to offer you, especially if it is summer time. From July to September it offers you swimming tours with the Whale Shark, main attraction of the place.

As you can imagine Holbox is a natural sanctuary of a great variety of flora and fauna that allows you to make unique tours and outdoor activities in the company of birds, fish and plants with which you can interact responsibly. It is a true natural paradise, endowed with great tranquility and unforgettable experiences.

As you can see, the Mexican Caribbean allows you a number of experiences and surely has a good option for you, create the best memories and let yourself fall in love with this wonderful destination. The only thing you need is to decide the date and what you will do first.