The Day of the Dead is a very special date for all Mexicans since it is the day in which we honor all our loved ones who are already in the hereafter. 

If you still don’t know how to spend this day, check these 5 ways to join the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Playa del Carmen: 


The city commemorates the day with a colorful parade and events, marigold flowers, Catrinas and costumes of the dead ones.

It is very common to be walking down 5th Avenue and come face to face with unique symbols traditional of Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration, including people with skulls painted on their faces. 

The parade is a part of Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death Traditions and it takes place on the first day of their festival to mark the beginning of this celebration.

The main streets of Playa del Carmen fill up with color, so come be a part of this event with Mexican music, altars, and people in skull customs.

día de muertos



A Day of the Dead is not complete without the traditional altars that honor the death of all our loved ones.

In the houses, streets, and restaurants you will be able to appreciate some altars contests or simply unique creations to pay tribute to some people who are already in the afterlife.

Creativity, colors and Mexican folklore will stand out in each of the altars you find.

día de muertos


Mexican Festivals

Mexicans live death as a celebration.

So it will be common for you to find different events and parties in cultural theaters, museums, restaurants, bars and even in some nightclubs with the Day of the Dead theme. 

You will be able to witness different cultural rituals and the Mexican atmosphere in each one of the places.

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Catrinas and Catrines

The personification and costumes of catrinas and “Catrines” have become very popular in recent years in Mexico. People believe that during these dates, the dead comes and roam to Earth.

To blend in with those dearly departed, people paint their faces with skulls and walk among them, together again, if only for a couple of days. 

So, if you have the opportunity to paint your face representing a Catrin or catrina, you can be part of this celebration and enjoy the true Mexican tradition.

día de muertos

Mexican Gastronomy

Is there a better way to honor our loved ones than by enjoying and offering them our delicious Mexican cuisine? 

In the altars, it is very common for people to put the favorite dishes of their loved ones.

However, restaurants also tend to make seasonal dishes to celebrate this occasion, as is the traditional and delicious “Pan de Muerto”, a loaf of sweet bread with a hint of orange and a lot of symbolism.

This sweet treat can only be found during this season. 

día de muertos

Don’t miss out on this traditional Mexican party, as only once a year you will be able to live this unique experience. Tell us, where do you usually go to observe this unique Mexican tradition?