Finally the best season of the year is here and I hope you are as excited as I am. Okay, who wouldn’t love to spend the summer at the beach? Of course we all want to. Honestly this is my favorite season of the year for many reasons, the weather is perfect, beach outfits, you are on vacations and you can go to visit a beautiful beach, and why not spend this summer in Los Cabos? I know you are already in but I will tell you 5 reasons why you should visit Cabo in the summer.

Playas en Los Cabos

You won’t let me lie, most of us love the beach but let me tell you that in Cabos you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, we can’t forget the delicious mexican food with that spicy flavors that make it unique and of course the nightlife that characterizes this paradise.

  1. The Beach: Obviously the beach is in the first place, undoubtedly the best place to rest, swim and of course, having a refreshing drink next to a beautiful beach. If you come to visit Los Cabos in the summer, I highly recommend you to visit “la playa del amor”, a beach that has a great story behind it and of course you can admire one of the best sunsets.
  2. El Arco: The emblematic “Arco” that characterizes Cabo San Lucas, of course you can’t leave this place without having seen it, whether you take a tour, a yacht, a boat or whatever, but you must go. This place also called “the end of the earth” is a very attractive rock formation that is visited by thousands of people as it tells a wide story and is where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meets.

  3. The Marina: This port attracts many visitors since in that place you can find a lot of things to do, you can enjoy an incredible view of the Sea of Cortez while you walk around, enjoy a glass of wine admiring the beautiful sunset, have some drinks with your friends, admire the majestic luxury yachts and you can even go fishing. Undoubtedly, the Marina Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to spend an amazing afternoon with your friends and family.
  4. Water activities: For those oceanholics and water activities, Los Cabos is one of the best destinations for diving in Mexico since its waters are clear and you can easily appreciate natural reefs and more than 800 of marine life species, In some areas you can even swim with whale sharks, manta rays and turtles. And well, I know that not everyone is fascinated with water activities but you also can take a dolphin and whale watching tour, and honestly it really worth it.

  5. Nightlife: We all know that nightlife in Cabo is out of this world and is something that many partyholics are looking for Cabos. Here you can find a lot of places to have a good time, small clubs, bars or even glamorous clubs. Of course I am going to recommend you my favorite places, if you are looking for a place to just chill and have a good meal, Abolengo is undoubtedly the perfect place, in this place you will find the best burgers and drinks in town. Now, if you are looking for something a little more fun, I recommend you to visit La Vaquita, here you will find delicious snacks and the best reggaeton, rap and hip-hop music, you will be the whole night dancing. Okay, and for those who wants to have a great night at the most top place in Cabo, Mandala is the place, this incredible place has a very chic oriental decoration, here the best people go to enjoy the best electronic music.

Mandala Nightclub Los Cabos

Well now that you know that here you will never get bored, and in addition to these reasons there are a thousands more that you need to discover by yourself. I promise you that visiting Cabo in the summer will be the best decision you could ever have made. With the current situation of Covid-19 in Cabo, new rules and protocols have been implemented, so I recommend you that before visiting any place check their official websites or call them to have all the info before you go. For the clubs you can check all the updated information on their official site and I really recommend you to make all your reservations in advance since most of the places in Cabo are working with limited capacity and requires reservation.