Playa del Carmen is a heavenly place preferred by people around the world! Once you visit this little town located at the Riviera Maya it is impossible to forget it. Yes, Playa del Carmen or “Playa” as locals call it, has much to offer to all those who seek a fabulous closure of the year 2016 and I am going to give you the 5 reasons to come to Playa del Carmen to celebrate the New Year’s Eve:


Reason #1: The Beaches


Of course its beautiful beaches are the main attraction of Playa del Carmen. As soon as you arrive to this destination you must go out to enjoy the sun, the wide sandy beach and the crystalline water of the Caribbean Sea.

It is important to share this data with you: The beaches of Playa del Carmen have been cataloged as the most beautiful in the World.


Reason #2: The Fifth Avenue


The 5th Avenue is more than the main street in town, it is the heart of “Playa”! Full of restaurants, shops, little and big flea market stores, spas and always transited by people – it is close for cars-, “la Quinta Avenida” is perfect for spending part of your days while you are visiting Playa del Carmen.

Another important fact about this Avenue is its closeness to the ocean… A few steps and your feet will be on the sand!


Reason #3: Cozumel


Cozumel is not part of “Playa”, but from here you can take the ferry to discover this surprising island. Why should you sail to Cozumel? Well, if the beaches at Playa del Carmen are surprising, the beaches at Cozumel are simply stunning! Also you can find some archaeological sites and if snorkeling and diving is your thing, be informed that the second largest reef of the world is located under the waters of Cozumel.


Reason #4: Nightlife & 12th Avenue


When the sun goes down and the moonlight illuminates this paradise, is when things get wild! Suddenly the streets are full of people ready to dance in any of the dance clubs in Playa del Carmen, because here it doesn’t matter if you like reaggeton, pop, EDM, salsa or hip hop, you will surely find the perfect spot for your mood.

If your plan while visiting “Playa” is to party hard, go the 12th Avenue where the top nightclubs in town -like Mandala, AbolengoPalazzo or La Vaquita– are concentrated.


Reason #5: Playa del Carmen during NYE


Definitely, New Year’s Eve Celebrations at Playa del Carmen are on a different level! All the venues organize amazing events with themed parties, champagne toasts –and showers-, party favors, special guest DJs and more. If you want to be part of the top NYE parties at Playa book in advance, because as the last night of the year is getting closer, the prices get higher and higher or just sell out.

Keep in mind that on NYE the streets are complete crowded of people so to finally arrive at your favorite nightclub could be an adventure.


If you need another reason to visit Playa del Carmen this NYE you may need to read this blog again.


Blog by @yaqueline_mtz