Instagram without a doubt has become the favorite platform for everyone because we spend too much time there watching photos of our friends and celebrities and sometimes we feel jealous of the quality of photos uploaded by our friends, but the truth is that many of them are very typical and boring. That’s why I’m going to give you 5 tips to get the best photos for Instagram and if you are on vacation in Cancun you can find many places for unique photos such as Mandala Beach, a very cool beach club where you can find the best beache of Cancun or Mandala the most famous nightclub in the Caribbean, however, today we are going to focus on an exceptional place where you can take unique and very professional photos because its atmosphere is super original and chic. I am talking about nothing more and nothing less than Abolengo Cancun


Abolengo is a mix of restaurant-cantina-bar, the truth is that it’s one of the restaurants in Cancun that I like to return night after night because I spend unforgettable and funny nights there and it’s also the place where I ate the best rib eye tacos of my life and if that wasn’t enough they have one of my favorite drinks and it’s original from Abolengo, It’s called ” The disobedient children” this delicious elixir is served in a jar that contains rumchata, white rum, piña colada and strawberries, without a doubt you have to try it when you are on vacation in Cancun 🙂
If you are wondering how to get there, no problem, there is a lot of transportation at an excellent price that will take you to the Party Center to enjoy this place.


Now then, let’s get straight to the point, to the tips to get the best photos for Instagram:


  1. The company:

The company is a very important factor to get good photos, because if you are not having fun and you are not having a good time the photos will never come out natural. That’s why I recommend going with your best friends, with your family or with someone you know you always have fun with, and of course, have someone who enjoys taking pictures to be your star helper and get those dream photos. 

  1. The best spot:

The place where you are going to take your picture is the key,  you can’t take pictures just anywhere. But don’t worry, Abolengo has many spots and you can choose between one of them or all of them, why not? to take the best pictures for Instagram. It could be standing next to the bar, on the beautiful sofas that are in the back, on the terrace or one of my favorite spots, the bathroom, and is because in both men’s and women’s bathrooms have mirrors surrounded by lights where your photos will look great and will make you look very sexy -I guarantee it!-.

  1. Light is your friend:

As you probably already know to get a quality photo the most important thing is the lighting, that’s why you have to avoid dark places, however this doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, of course you can, but I recommend you to use the flash or take advantage of the lights of the place or with the help of your friends that illuminate you from different angles so you can surprise your followers.

  1. Take lots of pictures

Don’t keep the first one you take, try different angles and different poses, you know there are some pictures that come blurry or come out with your eyes closed. The good thing about technology and that now photos are digital is that you can take as many photos as you want and then choose which one you like the most. 

  1. Edit and use filters:

Instagram has so many filters that you can use to make you look better, also now exist very good apps to edit your photos. Don’t be afraid to play with these tools, you never know what will come out of it, but don’t exaggerate since instead of getting a great photo you will have a low quality and unprofessional photo as a result.


A plus of Abolengo is that you will not only have the best photos for Instagram, you also can create some Tik Toks that will get many views because every Friday Abolengo has as a theme the dances of this famous app and if you publish them you get some shots. 

I assure you that you will not regret visiting this place because you will have a magic night