These sunglasses do not fool anyone, you have a hangover! If last night you were enjoying the best party in Cancun, this morning you are probably feeling the havocs of hangover and if you have ever felt it’s consequences you probably pledged “I am going to stay off drink for awhile”.

The word ‘hangover’ is derived from Greek: ‘this is your divine punishment for drinking a lot‘.

If at this point you are thinking nothing and nobody can take away the hangover symptoms from you, keep reading our 5 hangover remedies that actually work:


  1. The Classic
Hangover 5

Sometimes hangover requires heavy artillery.

This option is simple, take two aspirins and drink a lot of serum or mineral water.


  1. The Natural
Hangover 2

Vitamin C and Vitamin Sea

Drink a juice fruit, especially a citric one. Like the sugar levels in the blood drop after drinking alcohol, a juice will help you to feel much better.


  1. The Traditional
hangover 4

Nachos please… With jalapeños, lots of jalapeños!

Feed your stomach with some broth will diminish the hangover effects. In Mexico we love spicy food like chilaquiles, nachos or pancita but a chicken soup with vegetables works perfectly too.


  1. The Naive
MB beer

It’s nota hangover, it’s beer flu.

A restorative beer can be delicious, but is not very smart to attack alcohol with more alcohol, don’t you think? If you still choose this remedy, at least put a lot of lemon on the beer because the Vitamin C is effective detoxifying your liver.


  1. The Essential
mandala 55

Put your bathing suit on and enjoy the day… you are in Cancun!

A bath helps to relieve headache and if you also make an effort to dress up like a star, even better! The fact that you feel awful doesn’t mean you should look the same.


You are not always on vacation in Cancun, so try these remedies and go back to the dance floor! There are a lot parties still waiting for you.

If you know more effective remedies, don’t be selfish and share them below, after tonight we could need them.