Hello, hello partyholics! Are you ready for a new adventure? Good, because today I’m going to describe you each of the 5 types of girls that you can find in any bikini contest in Cancun. Yeap! Like the expert anthropologist & partyholic that I am, during my visit to Mandala Beach Pool Party Night to observe and to categorize the different types of competitors of its bikini contest… And just in case you were wondering in your mind, YES! This contest is wild, hot, sexy, funny and much more than you expect from a night out in Cancun. So, take note: you must be at Mandala Beach Pool Party on Tuesday night –the only night of the week when MB open its doors during night-, the party starts about 11 PM but at 1:30 AM is when the Caribbean wildness begins.

Ok, that was too much talking –or writing-, let’s start with the list of 5 types of girls in bikini contest in Cancun:

Bikini contest in Cancun

Mandala Beach Bikini Contest in Cancun

1.- THE NUN.

That´s right there’s a nun at the party. Buuuut… I’m not talking about the creepy scarier one that you saw in the movie The Nun, I’m referring to the girls that behave properly in front their parents, the type who never does nothing wrong, like the perfect and model girl, the daughter that every parent wants… But a nun girl just need a couple drinks or shots in her system to transform herself in a sexy pole dancer! Regularly, the nuns have amazing moves, like professional pole dancers so her friends believe that she was possess by a devil.


Yes!!!! All of us in one point of our live dream with a sugar daddy or sugar mommy –I’m guilty too-. But for a moment, let’s forget of all the money and things that a sugar mommy can buy you, because the type of sugar mommies whom love beach parties in Cancun not only have money but also they’re fitness, beautiful, looks amazing wearing bikini and dance like Shakira… Oh yeah! A woman with experience knows how to move her bounds and how turn on some teenagers.


Let’s play Anaconda and get start talking about this type of girl! The twerk is her thing, she knows how move the booty like a professional of the twerk. Have you ever see a video of Nicki? Well she does exactly the same, probably she practiced for hours the choreography in front a mirror. A ‘Nicky’ girl twerks for everything, you can play pop and she twerk, ballad and twerk, rock-twerk, her language is the booty move.

bikini contest in Cancun

Cancun’s bikini contest

4.- 2 LEFT FEET!

Not too much to say about these girls, as the title say they are a completely mess! She is extravagant, is savage, is sexy- and she knows it-, shortly she’s the beauty without dancing talent but she uses her experience and knowledge in ‘Fortnite Dance’ during the contest. Like she’s pretty, kind of sexy and a little dumm, everybody likes her so when she turns on the dance floor the whole Mandala Beach is on fire and claim for her! But just charisma and ‘2 left feet’ are not always enough… Last Tuesday night, this girl get the 2nd place in the bikini contest in Cancun.


This is probably my favorite one because she is the expert in this type of contest, knows all the rules and keys of the contest, she knows what we –the public- want and she pleased us! For this girls, having fun is an art and Mandala Beach Pool Party is their scenario. So, at this point I’m pretty much sure that you alredy figure out that the winner of Mandala Beach bikini contest in Cancun was an springbreaker girl.

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I will see you in the next adventure folks!