This is an article exclusive for Spring Breakers who are planning to visit Cabo San Lucas this year 2021 or any future year. We are young and some of us get a job during our school days to save enough for our Spring Break trip so we expect nothing but the best of that vacation, right? We want craziness, quality and fun! So, here you can find the 7 top Spring Break Spots in Cabo San Lucas Mexico to add them to your 2021 trip. Keep reading!




  1. Mandala 


Let’s start with the host of Los Cabos Vip Parties, of course I’m referring to Mandala. In the last few years, Mandala has become one of the favorite nightclubs of the spring breakers. Even Mandala is well known for its upscale parties, however this place knows how to relax its atmosphere and convert itself into a wild venue perfect for the insane spring break parties that we, young people adore! 

  1. Mango Deck


This beach club has an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the famous Arc. The ambiance is fun all year not only during spring break season. During your visit you can be part of its contests, dancing at the beach or simply order a guacamole and margarita and enjoy the party from the distance. 

  1. La Vaquita


If you have been in any top beach destination in Mexico like Cancun, Vallarta or Playa del Carmen, for sure you have been hearing of this club. La Vaquita is the synonym of wildness, madness, craziness and fun! If you never hear about it, you will recognize it because it is the only place with cow-print decor but if this is not enough, you can know you arrive in La Vaquita when the hip-hop & reggaeton beats are loud.  

  1. Abolengo 


Even though this is not a nightclub but a bar, Abolengo has earned its place in this list for two things: 1) its deli drinks -ask for the jars menu-, 2) its food. 

For me, the prices of the drinks and the food are fair -compared with other venues in the area- and the quality is amazing. I put this spot in our 7 Top Spring Break spots in Cabo San Lucas Mexico list because sometimes you need to make a pause between one party to the next to get something to eat and this is the perfect spot for that. 

  1. Coco Bongo


Coco Bongo is very famous in Cancun, then extended to other cities like Punta Cana and Playa del Carmen; the last city they arrived was Los Cabos. They offer the same show as its Cancun location, unfortunately the pandemic makes them close its doors before being well known between the partyholics who frequent Los Cabos. 

  1. Kitty 


In the past, Kitty was a very famous nightclub in Los Cabos thanks to its boudoir nights and his chic and sexy style. This club was recently changed into an underground concept! You will adore your night at Kitty as its dance floor has a pole for sassy girls to show her best moves to the rhythm of the DJ beats! 

Partyholic tip: This club always has bottle promos 😉 

  1. Squid Roe


This is one of the top Spring Break nightclubs in Los Cabos, it is very funny and loved by locals and tourists. Crazy and weird decor, always crowded so might not be the best place to dance but definitely you will love the ambiance & the jello shots. It reminds me of Señor Frog’s as the staff is friendly and casual.

From Mandala to La Vaquita, here you have the top list of the 7 Top Spring Break spots in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Cabo has amazing beach clubs & nightclubs, the party goes from sunrise till midnight, that’s the reason Los Cabos Mexicos is one of the most popular Spring Break Destinations.