The holiday of September 16th is one of the most important holidays of the year for all Mexicans as the country celebrates its Independence Day.

However, a Mexican party is not a party without the traditional drinking games. So, take note of these 8 hilarious drinking games for the September 16th long weekend at Vallarta: 

Get drunk

This is one of the most popular games to play. To start playing you need a deck of cards, each number must have a mini-game or rule, for example: 

Juegos de beber

Card 1: Everyone drinks

Card 2: Women drink

Card 3: Men drink

Card 4: Direct a shot to the person you want

Card 5: The person on the left side of who drew the card takes a shot. 

Card 6: The person on the right side of who drew the card takes a shot.

Card 7: Forbidden word. The person who takes the card must designate a word that cannot be mentioned, whoever mentions it throughout the night will drink a shot.

Card 8: Waterfall. Everyone should start drinking at the same time, however, the person who takes the card will decide when everyone should stop drinking. 

Card 9: The finger. The person who drew this card has the power to put his finger anywhere he wants at any time he wants. 

All other players must be on the lookout, as the last player who put his finger in the position that the person who drew the card do it, it will lose the round and have to drink.

Card 10: Story. You must do a story word by word and repeat the accumulated.

For example, the person who drew the card will say: “there was”, the person on the right: “there was one”, the person on the right: “there was one person”… and so on. 

Card 11: Create a rule. The person who draws this card should create a rule for the night, the one he/she wants.

Card 12: Question. The person drawing the card should ask someone a question and that person should ask someone else a question.

Whoever answers, gets stuck, does not ask a question, or repeats a question, should drink.



For this game, you’ll need a glass.

All players must put a finger on the glass at the same time.

Juegos de beber

By turn, each person should say a random number (the maximum should be the number of people who are participating in the game), if the person who says the number does not guess the number of fingers left in the glass will lose and leave the game and take a shot.

The person who is left at the end wins.

Jenga of shots 

To play this game you will need a Jenga board game.

It is very easy, you have to follow the traditional steps of the game, whoever throws the tower must take a shot.

Juego de beber


All players must be listed around the table. If, for example, the number 1 player starts, he should call another player saying “Viking 1, calling Viking 4”.

While saying this sentence, he should put his hands on his head pretending to have a helmet with horns, the two players on his right and left side (for example player 2 and player 10) should simulate that they are rowing. 

Juego de beber

When calling the next player, they must do the same thing.

Anyone who does not answer the call or does not simulate to row will lose.


I’m going to a party… what are you bringing?

A logic game that for it to be fun to play, not many people must know how to play it.

The first person will say: I’m going to a party and I bring “Refreshments”, every object or thing the player say that takes to the party must begin with the letter of its first name.

For example, Regina may say Refreshments, Karen may say Kiwis, and so on. 

The person who does not understand the game will lose and drink.

Juego de beber

When the grandfather died 

Don’t worry, nobody died in this game. In this game you should list all of the players and start saying the next dialogue:

The one who starts the game (e.g. player 1) will say: “When grandfather died, 4 glasses of wine left”

Player 4 (because he is the one mentioned) will answer: “That’s not true” 

Player 1 will reply again: “Then how many?

Player 4 will respond: 6 

Player 6 will reply, “Not true”…

And that’s how the players will be named. The one who does not respond correctly to the call will loose and drink.

Juego de beber

Two up, two down 

This is another game of logic.

Two people will agree on a position for arms, legs, feet, hands, etc.

For example if they choose the arms each position they say should be congruent with their position, if player 1 says: “two-up” (must have both arms up), “one up, one down” (must have one arm up and one down), “two down” (must have both down). 

The one who is not congruent with what he says will drink.

Juegos de beber


This last game is also a classic one. The game starts with a song that must be repeated by all the players while they clap their legs twice and then clap their hands twice. 

“Caricachupas, presents, names of, (movies), for example…”

The player will decide which names to mention, if they are movies, each player must say a movie, etc. 

The one who does not correctly mention the object or thing that is asked to be said will lose and drink. 


Now that you know these 8 drinking games, it’s time to put them into practice at your next Mexican party and enjoy them as you should.