Now that the epidemiological traffic light is orange, many tourist destinations are reactivating, especially those in the Mexican Caribbean that have a certification in health protection and prevention. So if you are going to visit the Southeast of Mexico and you want to know where to go out in Playa del Carmen, I have this little guide that will surely help you organize your days.


The first question you surely ask is, What places are open in Playa? Well, the famous parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha have already opened, many restaurants on the Fifth Avenue are also open, all inclusive hotels are open and some small hotels and hostels are hosting partyholics again. 

The second important question is, when will the beaches be open? Well, “officially” the beaches are still closed by the covid-19 in Playa del Carmen, but the famous beach clubs like Mamitas  and Coralina, are open and ready to receive you. 


Continuing with the doubts of our traveling partyholic, the most important question is: Are the discos and bars in Playa del Carmen open? The sad answer is no. According to the Government’s indications, the night entertainment industry will get the authorization to re-open until the traffic light is green and not before.


If you are in shock and feel that without the vibrant nightlife of Playa del Carmen, it is not worth coming to this destination, you are wrong because in addition to the parks and beach clubs, there is a spot that you will adore and where you will want to spend every day and night during your visit to this town. Do you want to know what it is? Well, I’m talking about Santito Tun Tun! What is special about this place? First of all it is the place where I have enjoyed the most delicious strawberry margaritas of my whole life! Also, between its high tables and the sofas there is enough space for you to dance with your friends, and believe you are gonna dance as the DJ plays a little reggaeton, then electronic beats that are interrupted by a hip-hop hit which is followed by a pop or rock song. This is the reason everybody loves Santito and its incredible atmosphere. What do I recommend you to eat at Santito Tun Tun? At night, you must try its burgers, sushi or the delicious ribeye tacos -my favorites-.

And if you drank more margaritas than you can handle -like me-, surely the next day you will have a painful hangover and to cure it all you must do is to go back to Santito (opens at 11 AM)  because there you will find a seafood ceviche and fish tacos that I promise are the cure for your headache if you pair them with a cold beer.


I think it is important to mention that Santito complies with all the safety and hygiene rules requested by the WHO to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Playa del Carmen, so visiting Santito Tun Tun is super fun but also super safe! Among those measures is the maximum allowed capacity of 30%, so booking in advance is the best you can do, CLICK HERE to book for Santito.

Playa del Carmen is ready to receive you and provide you with unique, fun and memorable experiences, come visit us!