Puerto Vallarta has everything you are looking for in a trip to the beach: beautiful beaches, all-inclusive hotels, hundreds of restaurants –so even the most hard to please diners will have a delicious meal-, water activities and of course, Vallarta’s nightlife is one of its outstanding attractions!


This lovely destination has cobbled streets, houses with brick ceilings and stunning golden sunsets. The top things you must do in Puerto Vallarta are:


Diving in Bahía Banderas

bahia banderas

One of the reasons to travel to the beach is to swim in the ocean, isn’t it? Well, one of the biggest bays in Mexico is located close to Puerto Vallarta: Bahía Banderas. Divers love this zone, because of its bountiful fauna; During Winter this area is refuge for the humpback whales, which come for reproduction and breeding purposes.

Walk along the boardwalk


If you visit Vallarta, but don’t walk the boardwalk you’re missing out on getting to know the heart and spirit of this city. You don’t need to walk the 1.5 km of this boardwalk, which is full of restaurants and bars on one side and sculptures and palm trees on the other with the ocean as a background.


Party in Mandala

Vallarta - Mandala-95

If you think that you have already experienced the craziest night of your life, please give a chance to Mandala Vallarta to prove you wrong! This is definitely the hottest spot in town… young people let themselves be seduced by the music, drinks and ambiance of this scenic nightclub, famous for its Asian decoration and sweeping nights!


Buy a Mexican souvenir from an art gallery

de compras en PVR

It’s a little sad to recognize, but we Mexicans do not always appreciate the incredible work of our handicraftsman. In any local art gallery in Vallarta you will be able to find amazing souvenirs, such as handmade clothes and shoes, as well as seed and mineral jewelry of excellent quality, which can be yours at a great price! Take a little piece of Vallarta -and Mexico- directly to your home.


Taste a delicious “pregnant fish”

restaurants in vallarta

This is not a real pregnant fish, it is a linguistic deformation for ‘pescado en vara asado’ (fish on a rod roasted with lime and a local sauce), which in Spanish is pronounced exactly the same as ‘pescado embarazado’ (pregnant fish).

You may not be in love with Vallarta yet… but once you experience all the things on the list above, you will keep this Mexican destination forever in your heart… Yes, paradise exist and it is called: Puerto Vallarta.