If you are thinking of a destination to travel now when the pandemic is passing, the best recommendation I have for you is to visit Los Cabos. This place is a paradise on earth and it is the favorite place for Hollywood movie stars  and mexican jetsetters because you can do hundreds of super fun activities, such as visiting and taking photos at the famous Arch, taking a camel tour or diving or snorkeling. I’m sure when you meet this place you will love it! However, this time I’m going to tell you why Abolengo is the safe and fun restaurant in Los Cabos.

Abolengo is a restaurant in Los Cabos that is the new sensation in town, it is located on the Paseo de la Marina, and the best thing is that you can enjoy this place every day from 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM.


Like I mentioned before, Abolengo Los Cabos is the safest place because it takes the necessary precautions so that you can spend an unforgettable evening in its facilities.

What do I mean? Well, when you enter you have to go through a sanitization process in which you have to use the sanitizing mat that is in the access, then they take your temperature and put antibacterial gel on your hands and you must to wear a face mask to get in but once you are at your table / area you can take it off and continue enjoying this fantastic place; All this is done for a greater protection of both clients and staff -who are also protected and have complete security equipment to provide you with a quality service-.


Besides a safe place, Abolengo is also the most fun restaurant-bar in Los Cabos, you will love its experience as much as I did. To start, the food is so tasty and here you can find a  very wide variety of food that is to die for. That’s why I’m going to give you my top  of the dishes that I like the most.


Let’s start for the beginning…The exquisite starters, of which the “Diablita” potatoes stand out, which are au gratin with cheese and buffalo sauce, this is the ideal dish for those of us who enjoy spicy food; There is also a delicious guacamole which is served with  tortilla chips but also with pork rinds that exalts the flavor of this world-famous Mexican sauce… But the Abolengo Nachos are the starter I like the most as they are prepared with  refried beans, cream, cheddar cheese, Flank steak, avocado and to give them more flavor they add pico de gallo and a habanero sauce. Delicious!


If you are hungry and want something more filling, you can enjoy the “sweet drunken toasts” brought from the sea and made of tuna bathed in dark beer tempura and a sweet sauce -hence its name-, or if you like the classic snacks, then chicken wings are perfect to pamper your palate. I tried them with buffalo sauce, but you can also order them BBQ. However, if you consider yourself a foodie or you simply love hamburgers, you must order the famous Abolengo burger that is considered the best in all of Cabo San Lucas, and you have to verify it on your own.

What can I tell you about the original cocktails of the house? Well, they are delicious and without a doubt they are in my top of favorite drinks. In Abolengo, you can find the traditional drinks such as margaritas, martinis and piña coladas, but there is a section in the menu named “Jars” which are super refreshing signature cocktails. Dare to try the “Black desert” that is made up of whiskey, amaretto and fruits (strawberry and passion fruit) that give it a very fresh touch. And because we all deserve real love, you must try the cocktail called “True Love” that in addition to raspberry vodka and cranberry juice it has redbull and its flavor is exactly as your soulmate kisses should taste like.

Honestly, I fell in love with Abolengo and it is in my top of the best restaurants in Los Cabos, not just because its food is super delicious but the atmosphere is also incredible! The music ranges from the hits of the 80’s and 90’s to the most popular songs of the moment and also some nights they pay tributes to legendary artists; you will be lucky  if the day you visit this place they play all night the music of your favorite band. I bet you anything you want that you’ll be dancing and singing here! 


Since Abolengo Los Cabos is “the place” to go and it has limited capacity due to the Covid-19 measures in Los Cabos, the best thing you can do is reserve your table in advance in MandalaTickets.com and you will not have to wait for a table. 


I have to say that besite of a good meal, I have the need and urgency that Los Cabos nightclubs open again because my dancing shoes are getting dusty and I am dying to polish the dance floors of Mandala, La Vaquita and Kitty -which remain closed for the moment- I also want to show off my new steps and choreography I learned during quarantine. I’m ready for the party! 


In the meantime as far as the nightclubs open, I recommend you visit Abolengo, so don’t waste time, pack your bags and fly directly to this land of Gods that will be waiting for you with open arms.


See you soon folks… In Abolengo!