Located on the Baja California Sur Peninsula, this Mexican destination has grown in international popularity thanks to its magnificent beaches of crystal clear water and desert landscapes. Check this activities you must try in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is home to natural formations, regional cuisine, and wildlife that can only be found on this coast when to choose the right season.

Here you have 5 activities you must try if you go to Los Cabos. 

El Arco

El arco Los Cabos

One of the most iconic and emblematic places of this city.

El Arco is located 100 meters away from Playa del Amor and emerges from the crystalline ocean like a rock formation that simulates a perfect half-ring arch called “The end of the Earth.”

You can come to admire it through a boat ride, or you can see it from the coast where if you are lucky, you can enjoy the view in the company of some cute sea lions. 

Whale Watching

Ballenas Los Cabos

Is there anything better than seeing the gentle giants of the sea just a few yards away?

An experience you won’t forget is the sighting of humpback whales in Los Cabos, an attraction that officially begins according to SEMARNAT on December 15 and extends until April 15 of each year.

Be out of breath when you see a giant of the sea jump a few meters above the surface.

An impressive show without a doubt, and you can’t miss it!

Scuba diving and snorkeling tour

Tour de buceo Los Cabos

Get ready to get to know the depths of the Pacific Ocean like a professional.

Explore the coral reefs and dive into the clear, open waters of Baja California Sur, where you’ll see the marine wildlife hidden beneath the surface of this underwater paradise.

From Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, you can take diving and snorkeling tours to live this unique experiences. 

Drive a 4×4 vehicle

Vehículo 4x4 Los Cabos

Venture the adrenaline rush of driving an all-terrain vehicle through the dunes of the region to the abandoned Cape “Fake lighthouse” built-in 1890.

Drive through Baja California Sur’s breathtaking canyon, rock and trail trails with the help of route experts for a thrilling experience!

Take a camel ride

Viaje en Camello Los Cabos

Yes, there are camels in Los Cabos; through some desert parts of Baja California, you can enjoy a relaxing and mystical ride accompanied by these exotic creatures.

They will take you to discover some dessert spots that Los Cabos hides.

This is only for adventurers who dare to leave the conventional experiences and live life to the limit!