New Year’s is a party that everyone celebrates, in a thousand different ways but always with the same purpose, to say goodbye to the old year and to welcome a new year full of hopes and goals… That’s exactly the reason today I come to present you the top destinations to celebrate New Year’s in Mexico in the most tropical way and I’m also going to give you some tips so you know how and where to celebrate NYE




Let’s start with a destination that is the favorite for many tourists from all over the world to spend New Year’s Eve thanks to its tropical weather and its turquoise blue waters that will make you change your mind about spending the New Year in a snowing destination… In Cancun the New Year includes palm trees, beach, bikinis and piña coladas by the sea.

Año nuevo Cancún

The favorite plan for tourists -and locals too- is to have an early dinner in a restaurant or at a friend’s house and then go to the Party Center to wait for the 12 bells that announce the beginning of the new year. Why at the party center? Well, because the New Year’s in Cancun nightclubs are epic, and at the moment of the 12 bells everyone goes out to the streets to celebrate and kiss their special one. However, Mandala offers an epic party every year which includes music, dancing and fun, so it’s a place you have to go, it’s a mandatory stop in the New Year or any time of the year since it’s the most famous nightclub in all of Cancun. 




Very close to Cancun is Playa del Carmen which is the heart of the Riviera Maya that offers you warm temperatures all year, that’s why it makes Playa del Carmen a perfect place to spend the New Year.

Regularly the morning of December 31st, tourists choose to spend the day in the beach to enjoy the sunrays and swim in its blue shaded waters but at night they look for a place to get a great dinner, of course 5th Avenue restaurants are the most demanded, but I recommend you to go to Santito Tun Tun which is located on 12th street, without a doubt it’s one of my favorite places since they have a menu to blow your mind, they have a surf and turf dishes that will leave you wanting for more and not to mention their drinks which are super delicious. Without a doubt it’s a great plan to go to dinner on New Year’s Eve in Playa del Carmen and wait for the 12 bells to ring in the company of your family or friends. 




Panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez and dreamy beaches are what characterize Los Cabos, making it a favorite place for tourists and Hollywood stars to spend New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Los Cabos is one of the most multifaceted destinations in all of Mexico, so you will always find a great place to spend the New Year no matter how much your budget is. A spot that I highly recommend is La Vaquita Los Cabos, every year they host a wild party full of fun and reggaeton, but what makes La Vaquita very special without a doubt is their 1 liter drinks, so they ensure you an unforgettable night as well as living the experience of the 12 bells in a unique way. 




To finish, Puerto Vallarta is always a good option to spend New Year’s Eve in Mexico since it has a great variety of places for all kinds of tastes, you can find quiet and romantic places to say goodbye to the old year, or you can also find places with a lot of fun and dance to start the new year with a lot of energy. 

My favorite place in Vallarta is La Santa since they play all kinds of music and the fun never ends, but just like Cancun, the most famous place is Mandala Vallarta which is located on the Malecon, so you can enjoy the fireworks while the 12 bells ring with a great view of the ocean.

The most incredible thing is that you will can book tickets for NYE parties in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Vallarta or Los Cabos  at with the best price so you won’t miss any of these epic parties.


Now that I gave you many options to celebrate the new year, it’s up to you to decide where you want to spend this great party and finally say goodbye to the year 2020, which has been very difficult for all of us but which undoubtedly left us with many lessons. I am more than ready for this New Year 2021, do you?