Nothing says Los Cabos like its infamous arches and its friendly whale visitors; it’s what we all see in those amazing posters in our travel agencies and social media posts. But Cabos is a terrain full of treasures to meet the tastes of all types of travelers who visit this destination to fulfill their dreams of adventures, amazing food and of course, a thriving nightlife.

So what is there to do in Los Cabos? Beyond the Arches? Come take a look.



Set between mountains, a vast desert and two immense bodies of water, few places in the world can match Los Cabos adventure terrain and magnificent sceneries. If you want to play, this is the perfect playground to explore. From its vast oceans to enjoy aquatic sports to an exciting scuba diving exploration of the Sea of Cortez. The sky is more your style? Fly over awe-striking canyons through long lines of ziplines. Then conquer the desert atop an ATV, going full speed while enjoying the amazing, magical terrains so distinctive of Baja California.

Art, Culture & Tradition

Artists from around the world flock to Baja California to meet their muse in Cabo’s beautiful scenery. With its deep roots in Mexican culture, boho-chic towns and natural sceneries, this destination is inspiration for artists, chefs, musicians and even dancers. The Annual Gala de Danza is hosted here and artists from around the world come to express their art in one of the world’s most extraordinary art festivals and ambiances.  

Wine & Food

Wine and food in Cabos

Cabo is also an inspiration to the wine and culinary scene. Top rising Mexican chefs have made Baja their haven where they draw inspiration to create some of the most exquisite dishes and present some of Mexico’s best restaurants. And no meal is better accompanied than with the country’s top wines. For foodies who are looking for a real extraordinary culinary experience, then a visit to Los Cabos must definitely be added to their bucket list.

Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas  

Los cabos nightlife Mandala cabo

A visit to Los Cabos could not be complete without a night out in town to visit the city’s top nightclubs and hottest scenes. The chic and glamour of Mandala Los Cabos is waiting to seduce partyholics with its distinguished style and thriving DJ scene. For partyholics looking to break loose, then La Vaquita Cabo is calling your name. Irreverent, fun and jovial, the title as the wildest place to party has been won to the rhythms of reggaeton and latin music with parties lasting until daylight. If you’re looking to let your inner feline out then Pink Kitty Cabo Club is definitely your scene. Its electronic beats predominate Cabos party scene and there are only three words to describe Kitty’s style: noisy, fun and fabulous.

Ready to discover Los Cabos? We’re ready to welcome you.