If you ever wished to attend the biggest party in Mexico in one of the world’s most gorgeous destinations, your wish has come true.

For one weekend, all of Los Cabos’ nightclubs, restaurants, and bars pull together to throw the biggest bash where the music, your favorite drinks, and your friends are the secret ingredients of an unforgettable three-night party. 

Cabo night festival

The Cabo Night Festival begins from Friday, November 15th to Sunday, November 17th.

This festival of festivals is set upon the gorgeous background of Los Cabos, a destination that’s infamous for its lit nightlife and a grand variety of party options.

The biggest names in the industry will open its doors and add their touch of personality to this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. 

Choose your starting point and then move on from there to get a taste of Cabo’s diverse and rich nightlife experience.

Begin the night with a good base such as Abolengo and Señor Frogs. This is where the pre-game starts and you can get a good bite to eat.

Then, hop on over to La Vaquita to get the body warmed up with hottest sounds in hip hop and reggaeton and the famous Vaquita litters. This year, the stable is going all out with a Western-theme party that’s sure to make the bulls and cows crazy. 

Cabo night festival

As the night starts to warm up, it’s time to head to Mandala, the chicest and most glamorous nightclub in Mexico.

The memories of its legendary parties resound all across the country where only the prettiest people party.

Then, it’s time to get crazy at Kitty. This infamous nightclub will heighten your senses and show you what a real party should be like. Then get ready to do it again all over the next night. 

This is the perfect weekend getaway for a trip with friends, a Bachelorette or Bachelor’s getaway, a birthday hoopla, or simply one of the last hoorahs of the year. 

Cabo night festival

After a night of wild partying, give yourself time to discover the wonder and beauty of this popular destination.

Los Cabos and its immense beauty are the perfect playground for your adventures. Its unique landscape and diverse ecosystems give you the opportunity to discover the Baja desert atop an ATV.

Pump your adrenaline at full power while you ride with the wind and let your eyes and senses be filled by the allure of the desert.

And if you dare, fly across the variety of zip lines as you swoosh across the canyon and desert. If contemplation is more your style, hop on atop a camel and enjoy the ride. 

Cabo night festival

You can’t be in Cabos and not explore the Sea of Cortez. This is where the legendary Oceanographer Jacque Cousteau discovered “the World’s Aquarium”.

This is one of the best times to visit Los Cabos and discover its rich marine life including encounters with whale sharks that begin to flock to the area as winter approaches. 

Food in Los cabos

And of course, you can’t leave Cabo without exploring one of its main attractions – the food.

The diversity in the ecosystem, its air of adventure, and its artistic vibe have inspired not only adrenaline junkies and artists.

Los Cabos has become a Mecca for wine and food where some of the best chefs in the world and the country have created some of the greatest culinary offers in the world.

Save the date. The Cabo Night Festival has all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable trip. The only question remaining is – who is going to come along for the ride?