My lovely Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world because here you can find any ecosystem that you want, from green prairies to the desert and from snowy mountains to the tropical jungle… But a thing that everybody loves about Mexico are its beach destinations like Cancun or Los Cabos. During March both places become the refuge of thousands of students from the US, Canada and all around the world who come looking for party nights and sunny days. If you are planning to travel to Mexico and are deciding between Cabo or Cancun for Spring Break 2021, you must keep reading this article. 


Los Cabos or Cancun, which is better?


Obviously both destinations have their strengths but let’s compare them in the categories that are important for any spring-breaker, so it will be easy for you to pick your next spring break 2021 Mexican destination.


  1. The beaches 


In your pros and cons list for Spring Break 2021 Cabo vs Cancun, a very important topic to consider is the beaches!
Cancun is well known because of its famous turquoise and pristine waters and is the king of the beach parties as it has a lot of beach clubs -like Mandala Beach– and almost all the hotels are seaside.

On the other hand, Los Cabos hotels are also seaside but are more remote and their beaches are less crowded, so the beach parties are not super wild like in Cancun. Probably during this quarantine, Los Cabos beach experience may be better… But without any pandemic, Cancun easily would be the winner of this category.

playa de cancun

  1. Things to do during day


Once again, both are beach destinations with all inclusive resorts, water sports and unique activities to do. The difference between them is Cancun has a tropical ecosystem and Cabo San Lucas has an arid environment and that is reflected in the activities offered. While in Cancun there’s jungle tours, snorkeling tours, visits to the marvelous cenotes (cold water natural pools in caverns), the famous parks like Xcaret or Xel-ha… Los Cabos has off-road adventures in the desert, the Arc tour where you can see some seals, but there’s also camel ride tours, professional fishing and whale watching during winter and until April (a great option to surprise you during your Spring Break trip to Los Cabos).

In this category I have to declare a tie as both as unique and amazing experiences. 


  1. Nightlife Cancun vs Cabo for Spring Break


Okay! As I told you in the first point, Cancun is more crowded than Cabo… Plus Cancun has the largest nightclub in LatinAmerica: The City Nightclub -the headquarters of the main spring break events in Cancun– and the capacity of the clubs in Cancun is bigger than the clubs in Cabo. 

But in Los Cabos some parties happen in the hotels during day time and then just the wildest partyholics go to the Marina to party at the famous clubs like Mandala, La Vaquita or Kitty. 

Also, it is important to mention that even if the students come looking for wildness in March, the party style in Los Cabos is a little more upscale than Cancun. I can’t say why.

In both destinations you will find Mandala night clubs which are always full of pretty people dancing the hits of the moment… Also, you can find La Vaquita clubs in Cabo and Cancun, so if you like hip hop & reggaeton, be part of their madness and thank me later. 


The winner? Here we have another tie! 


  1. Food and restaurants


I must confess that I know Cancun as local and Cabo just like a tourist so please consider that when reading this point. 

In Cancun you will find a lot of american brands of fast food but the local food is cheap and tasty (tacos de cochinita pibil are my favorites). If you are wondering where a spring breaker can eat in Cancun, you shouldn’t worry, you’ll find a lot of options according to your budget.

For me, even in Los Cabos you will also find a lot of american food and international options at a good price, for me it is a little more expensive than Cancun. 


But I asked a friend who lives in Los Cabos and visited Cancun, and she says the prices are actually the same. So that could be just my impression… So, I guess it is fair to say that this is a tie, right?


  1. Hotels 


Defining a winner for this category is very difficult because in the two cities you can find all inclusive resorts, and the brands are the same. The hotels in Los Cabos are more luxurious but are a little far from the downtown where all the nightclubs are located. 

On the other side, the hotels in Cancun are also 5 stars, but not as luxury or larger than Los Cabos, but it is easy to move in the Hotel Zone and the party center where all the clubs are located is in the same hotel zone.  


I guess you are the only one who can define who is the winner, according to your preferences. 


In a fight between Cabo vs Cancun for Spring Break 2021 there’s no one  winner but two! 

Yes! Both are wild and have everything you need to spend a great holiday… In case that you are not traveling this March 2021, keep this info in mind for your summer break or for your spring break 2022… Because a thing I know is the party won’t stop!