Being a night owl and also a Cancun nightlife expert, it is like living in another country with a foreign language. Oh yeah! We, the partyholics have our unique slang and if you hear two of us talking about our last spree, you may miss the fun details or important tips about the crazy nights lived in town.

Today my dearest partyholics, I’m going to reveal you the argot you must use when you decide to explore the best dance clubs in Cancun.

Palazzo Cancun

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  1. Cover

Let’s start with one of the words which confuse a lot to our partyholics. ‘Cover’ is the word used like an ‘access’ to the club. When you buy a ‘cover ticket’ you only get the entrance to the club without table reservation or open bar. And for example, if you book a table and it includes 4 covers, it means that 4 people get free access to the club with that reservation.

  1. Booth

The booth is the meeting point. Outside the top clubs in Cancun, you’ll find different booths where you can exchange your e-tickets for your wristband. In simple words, the kiosk it is the first place you must visit before to get into the club. Also, you can get info there about prices and the events.

  1. Pre-party (doble blast)

Sometimes, early birds get a first drink in La Vaquita Cancun before go to the club booked, a double blast! This pre-party happens on special occasions only (regularly when the club opens its doors after 10:30 pm) so, La Vaquita becomes a VIP check in counter where a welcome drink is included. And if you have your wristband from Mandala or Sr. Frogs they give you a special drink!!

Cancun Nightlife Mezcal shot

Mezcal shot












  1. Shots

No, we are not talking about guns but alcoholic beverages, ‘gasoline’, ‘Holy water’ or whatever you call this little glass of mixed drinks, those that are very effective to get you drunk. Do you know what I’m talking about, right? Well, the shots are a basic element of Cancun Nightlife.

  1. Round

A round of drinks means the specific drinks everyone in your group are drinking. The famous phrase is: Waiter, another round for us! The little problem is to decide who’s gonna pay for the drinks, unless you have bought open bar tickets for clubs in Cancun Mexico.

  1. Shooter girl

This is the name of the beautiful girl who is partying (dolled up, of course) and offer you shots. These chicks are crazy and have the power to convince other girls to help her by putting the glass between her boobs for you to take it with your mouth. Just be aware that those shots are not for free but the fun involved is complete free!

  1. Go-gos

Nightlife in Cancun is famous for the sexy dancers –especially the ladies of Mandala and La Vaquita-. No more explanation required.

  1. Golden Hour

When you book an open bar ticket you have 5 hours of unlimited drinks and the ‘golden hour’ is the last hour (from 2:30 to 3:30 am) because if you’re not drunk enough you start to drink and toast until to be wasted.

  1. Diamond

A ‘diamond’ is referend to a VIP table because all nightclubs in Cancun have this category of table. The name is probably because it sounds fancy and of course this table location is privileged into the club. This is the option you must reserve when you want to enjoy Cancun nightlife as a rock star!

  1. MB

MB is the short name of “Mandala Beach Club Cancun”. When you’re enjoying the craziness of Cancun nightlife, you will probably hear: see you tomorrow to cure thumping headache (hangover) at ‘MB’.

Now that you know the nightlife slang, it’s time to polish your dancing shoes and to party in Cancun like an expertise.

Cancun Nightlife Haloween: Zombie Partyholic

Cancun Nightlife Haloween: Zombie Partyholic