“Día de Reyes” is a traditional Mexican celebration when families reunite to cut the “Rosca de Reyes” to find the baby Jesus hidden in the bread.  Twists of the classic “Rosca de Reyes” 

The classic Rosca de Reyes is made of sweet bread and topping pieces of guayaba, fig, and sugar.

However, Mexican creativity has transformed this traditional pastry into some strange but delicious versions.

Here are some of the most creative ones you should try: 

The Rosca de Reyes al Pastor

It will make you believe in love at first sight. 

This is the dream of every Mexican where the best of two worlds merge.

If you’re someone who doesn’t love sugar or sweet flavors so much, this option will undoubtedly fill any craving you have. 

rosca de tacos al pastor

Rosca de Reyes made of ground beef

This option may not sound appealing at all.

However, this rounded-shape made of ground beef wrapped in bacon and decorated with bell peppers and cheese is something any carnivore will fall in love with.

rosca de reyes de carne

Vegetable Rosca

The perfect healthy choice for those who gained a few pounds in December and start the diet in January. 

A simple Rosca, made of shredded jicama, cucumber, carrot and compressed into a round shape.

You can decorate it with toppings such as “chamoy” (sweet, spicy and sour Mexican sauce), gummies, or rielitos. 

“Rosca de Nutella”

The perfect dessert for chocolate lovers.

We are talking about a “Rosca” filled with hazelnut cream and decorated with Turin bunnies. As yummy and sweet as it sounds.


“Rosca de Pizza”

It is the glory of fast food lovers and it is so easy to cook.

All you need to do is a regular pizza with the “Rosca” form and topped it with pepperoni, onion, green chile and lots and lots of cheese.

¿Cansado de la tradicional Rosca de Reyes? Checa estas divertidas recetas

You see, the famous Rosca de Reyes can have lots of flavors.

So, if you are bored with the traditional Rosca de Reyes made of bread, consider including some of these new creations on this special day.