Partyholics! I hope you are as anxious as I am, about the great event that is approaching this July 20: Cash Cash in Cancun! They will be presenting at the biggest nightclub in Latin America: The City Club!

I know that most of you love them, and well we know that the parties at The City Cancun are always super fun but I’m sure this trio will make an epic party with the best atmosphere and that we will have an amazing time with our friends and of course with some good drinks.

I always love to tell you new things so on this time I will tell you a little about how this extraordinary trio was formed: Cash Cash.

Cash Cash born in the United States began in 2007 with Jean Paul (Producer and vocalist) and Samuel Frisch (producer and Dj), who began performing electronic, pop and dance music. Shortly after, Jean’s brother, Alex Paul (producer and keyboards) joined. It is incredible to think that they worked for a whole summer in a studio doing several demos including “Party in Your Bedroom”, which of course became a great success! In 2008 and 2011 they released 2 alternative pop-rock albums but in 2013 they released “Take Me Home”, which was a success of EDM.

On the other hand, didn’t you love the great single “How To Love” by Cash Cash with the great Mexican artist Sofía Reyes? The truth is that they made an excellent collaboration, and I really hope to see a little more of them.

Cash Cash besides doing all that, they are very good performing new remix of many songs of some famous celebrities such as Krewella, Capital Cities, Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars!

It seems to me that Cash Cash is an extraordinary group that will undoubtedly come very far with new singles and new collaborations, and omg they really do it very well!

After all that I already said, are you thinking about missing out on this great party at The City Club? Of course I don’t! Don’t waste your time and go buy your open bar tickets at, and enjoy the pre-sale price NOW!