Hello partyholics, today I’m going to share you info about one of the most representative traditions of Mexico: the day of the Dead. Oh yes! Mexicans we celebrate even the dead… And our ‘Día de Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) is a special occasion to honor our ancestors whom passed to better life. We believe that on  November 1st and 2nd our ancestors return from death to share with us a day in earth. So, how to celebrate someone who has already died? This is how we do:

  1. An altar

This is one of the most important things about this celebration. You put an altar in a table with all the food, candies and beverage that your ancestor loved in life like mole, tequila, mezcal, coffee, fruit, etc.

Candles are a basic element of the altar as them indicate your ancestor the way home, also a nice picture of them is put into de altar.

altar de muertos

  1. Bread of dead (Pan de Muerto)

No, no, no… Stop thinking we –Mexicans- are cannibals. This is just a special bread (made from flour, the regular one) but is only baked and sold during this days, so that the reason we called “bread of dead”.

pan de muerto

  1. Decorations  

During these days, the famous Catrinas and paper decorations dressed the streets and the altars. In some regions, the people go to the graves to leave fresh flowers, there’s also a special flower for it: cempazuchitl.

flor de cempasuchitl

So, even this celebration is very close to Halloween and strangers may think is the same party it isn’t. Yes, in touristic and cosmopolitan cities like Cancun, Halloween is also celebrated with incredible costume parties. The Day of the dead in Mexico is a more folkloric and family style celebration. So, if you will be in town during this dates, enjoy a big Halloween party at the nightclubs in Cancun, but then take tame to go downtown to taste the ‘bread of dead’ and to learn more about our magical country.

fiesta de halloween en cancun