Check list for a night out in Cancun

Is it your first night out in Cancun and you are ready to have some fun? Or maybe you’re already a partyholic and just want to check if you’re doing it the right way.

What’s really important is that you are looking forward to go on a night out in Cancun and having some tips is always a good idea!

These are our tips for your preparation before a night out in Cancun:

noche de antro en cancun

  1. Take a shower. If you took one in the morning, take another one! And wear deodorant and perfume. There is nothing sexiest than dance with someone who smells great!
  2. Dress to impress! Always wear the right clothes or you take the risk to not getting into clubs for wearing the wrong shoes. This will also help you get the attention of whoever you want to hook up with.
  3. Charge your cell phone. Your phone will always be important on a night out because it will help you to take pictures and also will help you in case you need some kind of assistance. You can get an idea on what kind of pictures you will be taking by watching this Instagram. Just make sure not to call en ex while drunk.
  4. Make sure you have cash. Even though you can get express entrance and discounts by booking online at Not all places accept card, make sure you always have at least 100 USD in your pocket that will help you with a snack and a taxi to return in case you need it.
  5. Eat something. You will be drinking alcohol so it´s better you have something in your stomach; but don’t exagerate. Eating a lot will result into a stomachache and nobody likes people throwing up at the club.

noche de antro en cancun

These are our top 5 tips for a night out in Cancun, we have selected them based on our 7 years of party experience on the hottest spots in Mexico and the world.

Do you have an extra tip for us? Share your basics before a night out.