Cocktails and mixology is a topic that has taken off in recent years.

Perhaps this is due to the different ingredients involved in the preparation of drinks or the increasingly sophisticated way in which they are prepared.

You may think that top jazzy cocktails are only for European or Asian countries, but we will show you the exotic cocktails you can find in Mexico.

Have your camera ready as they are totally Instagram-worthy. 

Tears of the Virgin

This drink is native to Guanajuato and is usually enjoyed during “Viernes de Dolores” (Friday of pain).

The cocktail contains seven ingredients, which represent the 7 pains that the virgin suffered.

Its components include cooked beet, sugar, lime juice, lettuce, banana, apple, and sliced orange. 

Cocteles exóticos que puedes encontrar en México

Scorpion shot 

Perhaps you have seen in movies or tv shows that someone takes a drink of liquor and, in the end, bites a scorpion that is at the bottom of the glass.

Well, it’s not exclusive to movies. Still, in Mexico, it’s an exotic and quite exciting drink that you should try sometime in your life. 

It is a simple shot of mezcal in which a Mexican scorpion rests at the bottom of the glass.

Sometimes it is used to add grains of dry ice to make the drink effervescent and make the scorpion “dance”.

First, the scorpion is bitten (or swallowed whole), and then the shot of mezcal is taken, and of course, a slice of lime is added. A drink exclusively for the brave!

Tarantula Venom

You won’t poison yourself the way you think you will.

Although you may start to feel a little cheerful after a few drinks. But hey! That’s the effect of any alcoholic beverage. 

This drink contains only 0.05% of tarantula venom infusion. Although it is not dangerous, it causes a curious numbing and tingling sensation on the lips and tongue.

Served with mezcal, Chilean pisco, Brazilian cachaça, mango, and lemon, this is definitely a drink you should try!

veneno de tarantula

Avocado Tejolote

You may think that the avocado is just to put on tacos or to make guacamole, but this drink breaks that stereotype by being the star of this cocktail.

It incorporates ingredients like avocado, serrano chile, and grapefruit juice.

Also, to give it an even more Mexican touch, it is frosted with toasted tortilla that undoubtedly gives it a highly original taste. 

Cocteles exóticos que puedes encontrar en México

Enough of your margaritas and gins. It’s time to get out of the routine and go hunting for these exotic cocktails you can find in Mexico.

Don’t forget to take a picture of it before you drink it.

Remember that they are not very common, and besides, they will look great on your Instagram. All for the gram!