Surely many of us have a list of people that we would love to kiss and hug after the pandemic, but relax that the time will come. Well, for those who don’t have that special person on their list yet, I will give you some tips on how to flirt in times of covid.

I’ll start with the most common one that I know most of you have used: Dating apps! Before this covid pandemic, I know several of you have already used these apps such as tinder or bumble, just out of curiosity, to have fun or really looking to find the love of your life…  Now it is very normal and everyone uses dating apps to know people you like who are near your location or even around the world, whoever tells you that they have not used them is surely lying to you. The truth is that this option is the most comfortable and easy to flirt, you just have to choose your best photos – I recommend to put some photos of your face, full body and doing some of your favorite hobbies – that way it will be easier to find a good match, later you just have to put in your bio a very small description about yourself or things you like and think of a good quote to attract attention and voila, you are ready to: Swipe right!

Another type of apps that you can also use to flirt -and of course we all have- are facebook or instagram. Instagram in my opinion is a little more superficial since people know you by your appearance and the photos that you upload to your profile, although they can still get to know your personality if you are a person who likes to upload stories or photos of your life, hobbies and things you like, so you can get to know someone with the same tastes as you. Okay, on Facebook you can also find the love of your life, here normally people don’t upload so many photos but they post things that they like or that are of their interest and it is a way to really get to know a person apart from their appearance. In fact I think that if you have your crush on facebook and instagram you could get to know him in a better way, don’t you think so?


Finally, the favorite option of many and the classic one is to flirt in person, it is undoubtedly the best way to know someone 100%, without deceptions or lies. Due to the covid situation we know that it is a bit difficult but not impossible, I am going to give you some examples where you can flirt and meet new people. Imagine that you plan a delicious vacation to Cancun and decide to go out to the best club-restaurants in Cancun such as Mandala Beach, Mandala or Abolengo with your friends, obviously you are going to meet many people from all over the world but remember that we must be responsible and take care with the healthy distance so it will be a bit complicated to be able to get very close but you can start with some flirty looks, send some shots or even a delicious bottle of champagne, in this way you can surely get the attention of that person you liked and if It works maybe you have the possibility of getting a little closer to talk or ask for their whatsapp to be able to get to know that person better, who knows it can be the right person.

These are difficult times but not to find the perfect person, even if you only want to meet people to talk and hang out, these tips can also help you wonderfully. And well partyholics I hope that with those dating tips you can add that special person to your list before the pandemic ends. Good luck!