Organizing your best friend’s bachelorette party is not easy, especially because it is obvious that you only want the best for her. If you don’t know how to plan the best bachelorette for your best friend this is for you.

It sounds a little stressful, right? Calm down! Everything is possible if you start planning with anticipation.

If you want everything to be perfect, the best idea is to have a scheduled plan for each of the activities you need to do to plan a perfect farewell. 

You still don’t know where to start? Check this out:


Bachelorette party

The main thing is to decide who will be in charge of organizing the trip or the bachelorette party. Whether you want to organize everything on your own or ask for help from someone else.

However, it’s important that only a few organize everything, because the more people that try to help, the more indecision, problems or disagreements that could arise. 

Set the destination


There are many types of bachelorette parties. From a simple party, an elegant brunch on a garden, a night of madness in the best nightclubs of Cancun, or just a relaxing trip with friends.

The important thing will be to plan something according to the personality of your best friend. Remember that the celebration is for her and it must be something perfect to say goodbye to her bachelorhood.

Choose the guests

Bachelorette party

It’s important to choose who will be the guests of the party or trip because maybe she could have different groups of friends.

If you have noticed that some of her groups don’t get along or don’t have the same mood, it’s better to make separate parties or trips to avoid uncomfortable moments between guests.

After all, you can organize a lot of bachelorette parties!

Plan your activities

Trip to Cancun

Although sometimes the best plans happen according to the spontaneity of the moment, it’s better to have some activities planned. 

If you are going to make a trip to the beach, you can plan that one day you will visit some tourist destinations and spend the afternoon relaxing in a spa, the next day make a tour at the best nightclubs in the city. 

Finally, on the last day, plan a toast on a yacht while watching the sea for miles.

Book everything 

Bachelorette Cancun

It is important to book in advance the accommodation, flight, lounge or anything you need for the bachelorette.

Especially if you are planning to visit a tourist destination or travel at a very busy date because it can be all booked by then.

So to avoid any inconvenience, start booking 4 months before the date, you’ll feel more relaxed.



Remember, there is nothing more important than your friend enjoying this experience to the fullest.

So plan everything according to her personality, friendships, mood, and everything you know about her. After all, this only happens once in a lifetime!