Are you visiting Cabo soon? Excellent choice! Check these Cabo travel tips to have the best trip of your life.

Cabo is the perfect destination for enjoying an incredible time with your family, your friends, or your partner.

So, check this article and start planning your trip to Los Cabos right now! 

Choose where you want to stay

Remember that Cabos has two main cities, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Today, Cabo San Lucas is usually for those travelers looking for sophistication and luxury, while San Jose del Cabo offers a more traditional and bohemian atmosphere.

So it depends on which mood you want to spend your vacations, but of course, you can visit both too! 

Book in advance 

reserva con anticipacion los cabos

As in most destinations around the world, holiday seasons tend to attract many tourists to popular cities.

If you plan to travel during high season, it’s best to book your flights and accommodations in advance to avoid any misfortunes like not finding any place to stay.

Plan some activities 

planea algunas actividades los cabos

Los Cabos is a destination par excellence when we talk about activities to do in many parts of the city, the desert, or the sea.

Some travel agencies are in charge of making an itinerary that suits your vacation plan.

You can spend some days in Los Cabos desert or spending some nights in the best nightclubs in the city.

Find out about events and parties

eventos en los cabos

Los Cabos is an international tourist destination.

It frequently offers international events and parties that will allow you to enjoy different environments and unique experiences. 

Los Cabos film festival, sports events, beach parties in spring break, and everything you can imagine and more!

Start saving

empieza a ahorrar los cabos

Travelling implies an expense, that’s why our last recommendation is that you start saving in advance.

This way, you won’t feel pressured by the payments, and you can go without worries to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the heat of the desert.


Now all you need to do is save the date, start booking, and go and enjoy this incredible destination. Los Cabos is waiting for you!