Halloween, my favorite party night of the year is coming and I’m so ready for it! As ready as I am, Dady’O Cancun is ready too. The DadyO Halloween party is always this nightclub is the spot to enjoy a crazy celebration full of costumes and music, also the famous costume contest in town belongs to Dady’O.  Like every Thursday of the year, next November 1st  Dady’O Nighclub will open its doors, so get ready to be scared and surprised with a phenomenal party! Traditionally, the Halloween in Cancun is celebrated at the dance clubs and I’m going to share some tips for you to participate in the famous DadyO Halloween party & costume contest.


  • Be original! You don’t need an expensive costume but originality counts a lot! If your budget is low, you can recycle an combine elements of previous disguises.
DadyO Halloween party

Best Halloween costume contest.

  • Tons of makeup is not the best idea. Remember that you will be in the Caribbean, so you probably will dance and sweat, so if the main element of you costume is the makeup, after some hours it won’t be cool. It’s better to focus in your clothes and once again, remember that you are in Cancun, so try that your costume be fresh.
Discreet make-up

Party, drinks and friend it’s all that you need!

  • Wigs are very cool… If you’re thinking to wear a mask it’s ok as long as it doesn’t cover all your face. This is for security reasons.
The party never end!

The best costumes in the Dady’O contest


  • An extra tip is to get your tickets in advance to get a discount. If you wanna know Dady’O Cancun prices just click HERE and check the bottle service options available.


I really really hope that this info be helpful for you… See you at Dady’O Halloween party costume contest. even you may not recognize me because I’ll wear the best costume ever!