Without a doubt Mexicans know how to celebrate and not only in beach clubs like Mandala Beach Club, but also our deceased. As you may know, in this beautiful country we have a tradition, known as Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) which tells us that in the first days of November the spiritual portal opens allowing our dead to visit and for us to remember them.

The first day is known as the Day of the Innocent or the Day of the Angels. This is the day when those who died as small children come to visit us, so we prepare an altar with the things they liked in life.


The second day is called: Day of the Deceased or as most people know it: Día de Muertos, in which all those who have died after childhood can visit us and enjoy the things we have prepared for them, such as a celebratory party at Mandala Beach Club.

The altars that we make on these days are special, since according to tradition they must have the four elements (water, air, earth and fire) present in them, next to the favorite food or favorite objects of our loved one and a photo of this person.


As a celebration of life and death, these days you will not only listen good music with us at Mandala Beach Cancún at our commemorative pool party, but you will also find lots much fun.

There are also the popular Calaveritas, which are based on the shape of a skull, but it is a sugar candy, which are small poems referring to life and death and dedicated to our loved ones.

Día Muertos

Now that you know a little more about our culture, can you imagine a party like this, but in the vicinity of Mandala Beach? You can certainly celebrate in big, that’s what this party is all about, a celebration not to forget our loved ones, but also for the living to remember the beauty of life which you should not miss.


Blog by Charly -”The Partyholic”.