Ready to spend one of the best experiences of your life? Like every year in the Spring Break season, the best tourist destinations in Mexico are filled with people from all over the world who come in search of paradisiacal beaches, meet people from all over the world, know the Mexican culture and of course they come looking for the best craziest parties, because of course Mexicans know how to party! Here I will tell you the 5 favorite destinations so you can decide your favorite for this Spring Break 2019 in Mexico:

  1. Cancun

World famous for its Spring Break season and the DJs they play every year. Cancun is a must-do for all the Partyholic. You will find beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and at night you will find the best parties every day of the week! You will not want to miss one!


  1. Puerto Vallarta

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Located on the shores of the Mexican Pacific Ocean, you will fall in love with the mix of feelings that vibrate in the streets and on its beaches. They are unique!


  1. Playa del Carmen

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The favorite destination for eccentric partyholics who love to celebrate at night and relax during the day. You will love a nice walk along the 5th avenue during a relaxing day and during the night don’t forget to visit the best nightclubs for the best barties!

  1. Los Cabos

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Recently growing in tourism, Los Cabos is the nearest place to the US for a wild night in Mexico.


  1. Acapulco

The first place in Mexico known for crazy top parties and exclusive clubs, Acapulco still shines day and night.

In which of these Mexican destinations do you feel like passing the Spring Break? If you decide to come at this Spring Break 2019 in Mexico, don’t forget to book your tickets for the best parties at!