Don’t you love this season? I’m sure you do! Autumn is the best season because when november arrives, it is time for a super Mexican festivity full of love, culture and besides being very ceremonial, it includes a delicacy that all Mexicans love: the pan de muerto! Have you guessed which party I’m talking about? Oh yeah! today I will tell you how we lived the Day of the Dead in Playa del Carmen and I will list all the things you should try if you’re going to visit here the first days of November.   


First, I think we must consider that this year the Day of the dead 2020 in Playa del Carmen is going to be a little different from the previous years due to the measures imposed by the pandemic, but I’m sure this year it will be as special as always. Keep reading to get ready to live to the fullest this experience.



The altars


Foreigners may not understand why we put altars with flowers, candles and food that obviously our dead ancestors won’t eat, but we Mexicans really like to think that our loved ones who are in heaven, come to visit us and they give a treat with the food that we prepare especially for them. Each altar is personalized according to the family tastes.

mandala altar de dia de muertos

I hope that when I die, they will put my altar for me in Mandala Playa del Carmen, along with a bottle of tequila or gin and please some taquitos, so when I come to see all the partyholics on November 2 of each year, I will be able to shake the skeleton to the rhythm of the beats of the DJ in which I consider my home.



“Las Calaveritas”

The famous “calaveritas” are short and funny rhymes like:


“Estaba la catrina muy mona en Abolengo cantando

Cuando un partyholic le reclamó:

Vete calaca que contentos andamos celebrando

La catrina le contestó:

No me molestes o  a todos me los ando llevando”


Personally, I love these poetic jokes that say a lot about Mexican humor and our irreverent attitude about dark subject such as death.



“Pan de Muerto”

Okay, this may not be the best year but without a doubt it will improve a lot with the Day of the Dead in Playa del Carmen 2020 because we will be able to eat “pan de muerto” (bread of dead) which is delicious.

This year a joke went viral saying that this bread is made from the ashes of the deceased, but it’s not true, so eat it with confidence.

If the heat does not allow you to accompany it with hot cocoa, after eating this bread go to Santito Tun Tun  and ask for a “Santo Remedio” which is a drink that you will love.

Santito is one of the restaurants open in Playa del Carmen that you will like a lot due to its atmosphere.



“Pedir calaverita”


In Mexico, going out to “ask for your calaverita” is the equivalent of Halloween in the USA, since children dress up with spooky costumes and go trick-or-treating from house to house. The partyholic version of this would be going from club to club drinking a couple of shots at each club.

You should know that nightclubs and bars of Playa del Carmen in past years used to decorate not only their facilities but the entire 12th Street. It was filled with confetti and decorations that were sponsored by Mandala, Sky Lounge, Abolengo, Santito and even by the hotel Partyholic.


Hopefully this year we can again admire those decorations that make the Day of the Dead in Playa del Carmen unique.




Now you know what to expect and what you should not miss out if you are going to be in Playa del Carmen on November 1st and 2nd. And if you arrive earlier, don’t miss the opportunity to dress up for Halloween and go out to enjoy the party nights that make this destination famous. Hope to see you soon!