There are some popular cocktails like mojitos, martinis or margaritas… but there are also other delicious cocktails with naughty names that I just adore!  So, if you’re sassy enough to order the following drinks at the bar, you will enjoy a very exquisite cocktail and also have fun looking at the surprised face of the bartender and the people around the bar.


  1. Hairy Navel


Let’s start with something not so dirty! The “hairy navel” has a great flavor combination of orange, peach and vodka.


  1. Sex on the Beach

Tequila Sunrise cocktail on the wooden table with crushed ice

If the bartender is very hot you can approach the bar with a provocative attitude and say: “Hey you! I want a sex on the beach –stronger and double-!“.

The recipe of this famous cocktail includes vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice and peach schnapps.


  1. Orgasm


There are many versions of this fantastic mixed drink –just like in real life-, but my favorite is the one prepared in Mandala Cancun  because they mix coffee liquor, amaretto and Irish cream liquor and also add whipped cream with a cherry on top!  Imagine yourself playfully ordering “I want the best orgasm you can give me”.


  1. Blow job


Now that you already tasted an “orgasm”, it is time to try a blow job cocktail! Irish cream and amaretto are the ingredients of this exquisite drink shot, and it is topped with whipped cream. The funny thing about ordering this cocktail is how you must drink it: place your hands behind your back, pick-up the shot with your mouth, tilt your head back and drink it!


  1. Slippery nipple


To get a slippery nipple just pour coffee liqueur, Sambuca (anise liquor) and Irish cream in a glass (in that order) and you’re ready to taste it!  I am pretty sure that you will love this dirty cocktail.


These are my top dirty drinks! Have you tried some of them? Which one is your favorite? Are you ready to be playful and to order all 5 of them the next time you go out? I hope you do!


Blog by @CarMarban