We cannot deny that every time we go to a travel destination, we want to have our eyes on the whole international catalog. Discover where to find love according to your birth-month

From Germans to Brazilians, we can accept that every country, every race, and every color has a unique charm.

So if you want to know what your global love match is, read on to discover where to find love according to your birth month.

January: Stockholm

Those born in January like to make things happen and have great ambition and discipline.

Nothing better than a city where you can have the success you expect, and Stockholm is the European capital that has had the most growth in recent years.

Besides, its citizens are attractive! So January, the ambitious and successful people of Stockholm, are an attractive target for you!

Discover where to find love according to your birth-month

February: Montevideo

Those born in February are guardians of nature.

Some are sensitive, and others determined and very safe. Nothing better for them than to find love in a city like Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

There you will have the ability to learn from others, besides it has many green spaces and most importantly, it has a beautiful boulevard where you can take long walks with your ideal partner.

Discover where to find love according to your birth-month

March: Jerusalem

Those born in March are usually very spiritual, as well as being the most intuitive.

They love to imagine, dream, and discover mysteries.

That is why they are more likely to find love in a city full of history, culture, and religion like Jerusalem, which is perfect for them.


April: Playa del Carmen

Those born in April are brave, bold, and energetic, nothing better than a city full of adventure to be part of it.

You could move to Playa del Carmen, México, untamed land with landscapes out of this world.

There you will find that the people of this place are as unique as their land.

Playa del Carmen

May: Paris

March people have a strong character, but they are sensitive, romantic, and kind friends.

And since they also like comfort, luxury, and a good life, there is nothing better than finding love in a city like Paris.

Here you will live the most avant-garde and romantic life in all of Europe.


June: Buenos Aires

For the June ones: they are dynamic people who love socializing and nightlife, nothing better than a cosmopolitan city like Buenos Aires.

Besides, Argentines are excellent at dancing.

In this country, the night and the party last until dawn, so what are you waiting for?

Discover where to find love according to your birth-month

July: Oia

As a sign of water, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by it.

Besides, people born in July are sensitive, familiar, with great imagination, and need to have security.

Therefore, nothing better than meeting someone from the city of Oia, in Greece, a perfect place to find love.

Discover where to find love according to your birth-month

August: Los Angeles

Hello, August! We know that for them, life is a celebration.

They are always full of energy and a lot of positive attitudes.

Nothing better for someone in August than to find their better half in a city like Los Angeles, where they can socialize, develop their creativity, and live love to the fullest.


September: Berlín

How could we define someone born in September? Perhaps as someone who is always taking care of others, very organized and tidy, and always wanting to know what will happen.

That’s why, for the people of September, there’s nothing better than living in Berlin.

This city will make them meet the perfect person to spend their days.

Discover where to find love according to your birth-month

October: Port Stanley

The people of October were not made to live in a big city, the traffic makes them nervous, and they love peace and quiet.

That’s why a town like Port Stanley – an archipelago in South America – would be perfect for finding love, because there is no traffic, no stress, and no noise to distract them from meeting the love of their life.

Puerto Stanley

November: Bodrum

There are no people more open and willing to change than those in November. They’re admirable!

That is why there is nothing like living in Bodrum, a village in Turkey that is really beautiful.

Here you can get to know the other side of love by exploring a whole new culture that is sure to leave you hooked.


December: Rome

As they are born explorers, there is no particular city for them.

But a nomadic personality would get along very well with a Roman, as they mix the ancient and the modern with adventure.

Doesn’t that sound exciting?


Now that you discover where to find love according to your birth-month, what are you waiting for?

Book your next flight to romance and keep your fingers crossed for a new adventure, all in the name of love!